Sri Lanka Travel Agency in USA

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Flights from USA to Sri-Lanka

Colombo is the capital city of beautiful Sri Lanka. Most of the flights land here. By the way, Flights covers its services from most of the parts of the US like Flights are available from major all the major airports of Washington, New York, Chicago, Huston, Los Angeles, etc. They may be Nonstop or one-stop flight. During the unavailability of the flight, one can book via any other route. As for example via India, Dubai, China or Russia. It is always advised to Pre-book the tickets for extra offers. But few sites like Beigtravelhelp which is the best Sri Lanka travel agency in the US offers with best deals and cashback. They also offer flights ranges from economic to business class. For more help, anyone can contact this best Sri Lanka travel agency in the US i.e. BigTravelHelp. The air distance from the most popular route New York to the capital city of Sri Lanka that is Colombo is 9190 miles. The average time that the flight takes to travel from the US to Sri Lanka is about 28 hours.

The preferred airline by the Sri Lankans that is the Sri Lanka airline operates from both terminal 4 and terminal 7 and terminal 8 of John F Kennedy international airport. The other famous domestic airlines of Sri Lanka are Cinnamon Air and Helitours. One can find the best deals on flight tickets direct flights or nonstop flights with the help of the best Sri Lanka travel agency in the US i.eBigTravelHelp.

US-Sri Lanka Relationship

The United States and Sri Lanka appreciate positive relations dependent on shared law based conventions, developing security participation, and a typical enthusiasm for the opportunity of route and trade, and the support of a principles-based territorial request. The current U.S arrangement in Sri Lanka plans to help Sri Lanka’s popularity based establishments, support its monetary advancement, counter-psychological warfare, and to advance a free, open, and prosperous Indo-Pacific locale. The two governments plan to advance further financial participation and trades in oceanic security and wellbeing and consent to proceed with the quest for joint activities to improve security, soundness, straightforwardness, and monetary open door for common advantage. Sri Lanka is the USA’s biggest fare market. A record of almost $3 billion of the $11.7 billion of merchandise sends out every year by Sri Lanka. US Goods and merchandise imports from Sri Lanka is of $2.7 billion in 2018. The all-out U.S. exchange deficiency merchandise with Sri Lanka was $2.3 billion in 2018, an 8.6 percent decline from 2017. U.S. imports from Sri Lanka are for the most part clothing, yet in addition incorporate elastic, mechanical goods, tea, and flavors. Top U.S. fares to Sri Lanka incorporate creature bolsters, therapeutic hardware, plastic products, dairy items, soybeans, wheat, and materials. Sri Lanka has additionally gotten roughly $1.2 billion in loans from the IMF since June 2016 with another payment of $164.1 million settled upon in May 2019. US – Sri Lankan bilateral relations have been developed and achieved a great height. Many talented people from Sri Lanka expressed about their American dreams. With the help of travel agencies, one can travel to the US. Many students, Professional and Sri Lankan-American seeking the best option to travel back to Sri Lanka may be for few days or for the tour can visit the best Sri Lankan travel agency in the US that is BigTravelHelp.

Hotels lounges in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is considered one of the beautiful places in the world the landscapes, beaches foods and especially people are very friendly.

The major airport in Sri Lanka is Bandaranaike Airport. It is very important to book a ticket from best Sri Lanka travel agency so that to gain few relaxations upon tickets or for free kinds of stuff Regardless of whether you have a delay, medium-term sleepover or you are simply rapidly going through, our Colombo Bandaranaike Airport Guide is an extraordinary spot to begin arranging your visit. Here, you’ll discover data on administrations and offices accessible inside the air terminal that including insights regarding air terminal lounges, WiFi, storage spaces, 24-hour nourishment choices, close by lodgings, and everything in the center. If someone is booking a ticket from Sri Lanka travel agency in the US; it also offers free access or limited time access for travel. Most of the major flight lands here. The Bandaranaike airport consists of two commercial terminals i.e. terminal 1 for international flights and terminal 3 for domestic flights. With the Few adjustments, a traveler can spend/sleep here. Adjustments mean there is a common complaint about Mosquitos and vibrations and sounds. As an area near the gate, no 5-8 is the only place where you can drag yourself for sleep or for rest which is much needed during layovers, flight cancellations or flight delays.


  1. Lotus first-class lounge – Located in the departure terminal on the 1st floor near gate no 6 and 7.
  2. Silk route lounge – located – Airside. can pay at the door for access.
  3. Palm strip lounge – located Airside, international departures on the 1st floor.
  4. Executive lounge – can be accessed by paying some minimal amount. Located- Airside.


  1. Airport City Hotel Katunayaka – 7 minutes from the airport. The airport shuttle is free.
  2. Airport City Hub Hotel – it 6 minutes from the airport. Can ask for guidance.
  3. Empyrean Hotel – 3 minutes from the airport with free air transportation.
  4. Serendiva Transit Hotel – located inside the airport on the 2nd level near the immigration counters. Only who all are passed through the security can access.

For the long layover travelers, those who want to stay out of the airport can also reach the hotels like Ramada by Wyndham Katunayake Colombo International Airport, Amagi Aria which is situated about 0.2 miles from the Bandaranaike Airport.

Frequently Asked Question

Question : Time travel duration of flight from USA to Sri Lanka?

It will take 19 hours.

Question : Are there any direct flights to Sri Lanka?

Answer : Sri Lanka’s main international flight is in Colombo where but Sri Lankan airlines provide direct fly facilities. You can also choose luxurious flights like Etihad, Qatar or Swiss Airways.

Question : Cheapest month to fly to Sri Lanka?

Answer : September is the best month to fly.

Question : What is the air distance from the US to Sri Lanka?

Answer : 9,329 miles

Question : Is Sri Lanka safe?

Answer : It is a safe place. But past few incidences few safety measures is must, not to worry as so far.

Question : Is Sri Lanka Expensive?

Answer : It is one of the affordable places in the world. The beautiful beaches and landscapes are always ready to welcome you.

Question : How many airports are in Sri Lanka?

Answer : There are total of 22 airports are In Sri Lanka.

Question : Where do you fly into Sri Lanka?

Answer : Bandaranaike International Airport at Katunayake, which is about 30km north of Colombo. It is the major International airport in Sri Lanka.

Question : How many Airlines does Sri Lanka, host?

Answer : More than 22 Airline that includes all the major airlines i.e. Qatar Airways, Air Asia, Etihad Airways, Oman Airways, etc.

Question : Popular airlines that fly from the USA to Sri Lanka?

Answer : If you are ignoring your pocket you will definitely want and should try the major airlines like China Southern, Etihad Airways as these flights are famous in this route.