Seattle to Mumbai Flights Within Budget

[SEA-TAC International Airport (SEA) to Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM)]

For Seattle to Mumbai flights, travelers can go for connecting flights because there is no direct SEA to BOM Flights available till now. Plenty of other options are available in various major airlines that provide services to this route. Connecting flights are available with one or two stops. Most of the flights to India routed via New Delhi. There is a variation in the least price on Seattle to Mumbai flights which may be around is $600 to $700. The most trusted airlines which provide the least airfare on Seattle to Mumbai flight is Singapore airlines. Singapore airlines provide attractive offers on a roundtrip or on one-way flight tickets. Airlines provide cheapest flight tickets once a month which depends upon which flight is booked. Mostly Monday and Tuesday is the best day to book Seattle to Mumbai flight tickets. The air time which a flight takes from Seattle to Hyderabad is 21 hours approximately. Flight time may vary due to bad weather conditions or connecting flight delays. The total distance or the air distance from Seattle airport to Mumbai airport is 7,736 miles.

It is an advice to all the traveler that to check and compare the flight ticket prices because the different online site provides attractive offers and discount on flight tickets or you can contact any travel agency in the US for more detail. They can guide the best month and day where you can get a flight ticket at a low price. The right choice will help you to book flight tickets at cheap price because hundreds of Seattle to Mumbai flights fly from this route.

  • Few of the Examples of the Airlines, times duration and air route are:
  • Singapore Airlines – It takes around 23 hours via the Singapore route and will cost you the least price.
  • Lufthansa Airlines, United Airlines – It takes around 24 hours to reach via France.
  • Delta, Korean Air – It takes around 42 hours with two stops that are via San Francisco and Seoul.
  • Delta, Air France – It will take around 21 hours 50 minutes via Paris.
  • United Airlines – It will take around 31 hours via Newark.
  • Travelers are advised to check all the details related to flight because the actual air route and time duration may differ because of weather, strikes, etc.

Seattle International Airport (SEA)

Seattle is one of the significant urban communities in the US. It is a seaport city which is situated in the northwest of the United States. Seattle Tacoma International Airport is situated in SeaTac city which 14 miles from the fundamental city of Seattle. Seattle International Airport is one of the significant business air terminals in the US. A few significant carriers give their administrations straightforwardly to numerous nations. The Seattle global air terminal gives its administrations to more than 90 local goals and around 28 universal goals. In spite of the fact that Seattle Tacoma global air terminal is little in size when contrasted with the other universal air terminal of the US, it holds a record to oversee more than a large number of residential and worldwide travelers every year which makes this air terminal the 29th busiest universal air terminal on the planet. The air terminal is spread crosswise over 2500 sections of land.

From the Historical perspective, this air terminal likewise serves and acted a key job during World War II. From that point forward, it was isolated for business use.

The two most regular aircraft are Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines. This air terminal is a center point for these two carriers.


There are a total of four-terminal and around 80 doors in the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. The concourses are further sub-partitioned. That is Concourse A, B, C, D and they are sub-isolated. Every one of the terminals is outfitted with fast internet providers that is Wi-Fi administrations 24 hours. The Central terminal and fundamental terminal are close to one another. The traveler can likewise have a decent assortment of nourishment and suppers since all the terminal is having numerous nourishment outlets. Interestingly, if any traveler stuck in the air terminal because of delays, flight postponements or flight undoings they can without much of a stretch figure out how to spend medium-term in the air terminal since every one of the offices are given in the air terminal that incorporate pad seat with armrests, medicinal wellbeing, clean washrooms, Lounges, and bathrooms.

Lounges and Hotels


Each one of those travelers searching for parlors can get to lounges accessible in the terminals of the air terminal. Parlors can be gotten either by economy class or by business class.

  • The Frozen North Lounge – It is situated in various terminals and can be gotten to by enrollment card or by Lounge pass.
  • Centurions relax – It is situated at concourse B inverse to the Gate B3. It very well may be gotten to by enrollment card and by Lounge pass.
  • The Club – is situated at Terminal A close to Gate A11. There are two parlors of a similar establishment one is situated at the A11 focal terminal and the other one is situated at the south satellite at S9.
  • Delta Sky – It is situated in the south satellite territory between entryway S8 and S9. The parlor can be gotten to by enrollment card and by Lounge Pass. By and large, it is a decent parlor.
  • UnitedClub – It is situated at the focal terminal close to the airside door A9. The united club is one of the basic clubs in which you’ll get all things considered of the air terminals of the US. Participation card and Lounge pass holder can get to this parlor or you can pay the passage expense at the entryway.
  • USO Lounge – This parlor is likewise one of the regular parlors which are accessible to eat the greater part of the air terminal in the US. The parlor is situated at the principle terminal on the second floor. It very well may be gotten to by enrollment card or by lounge pass or by paying the passage expenses at the entryway.


In the event that any traveler needs to move out of the air terminal to remain, they can book a lodging. Numerous lodging alternatives are accessible close to the air terminal a considerable lot of them give free transport from the air terminal.

  • Red Roof Inn – Hotel is situated inside 4 minutes of strolling good ways from the air terminal. You can anticipate all the lavish offices of the inn.
  • Red Lion Hotel – Hotel is situated close to the air terminal which is inside 4 minutes of strolling separation. It gives free to get office 24 hours. All rooms are furnished with a free web office.
  • Coast Gateway Hotel – It is situated inside 4 minutes of strolling good ways from the air terminal. Clothing, stopping and web offices are free with free get from air terminal assistance.
  • Inn Hilton – It is situated inside 7 minutes of strolling separation furnished with all the extravagant offices like the Internet, Laundry, free pickup from air terminal assistance and so forth.
  • ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj International Airport (BOM), India

Mumbai International Airport is India’s most major international airport. It is after Delhi International Airport. Mumbai is the financial capital of India which has harbor for imports and exports. BOM international airport plays a major role in connecting Mumbai to the world. BOM international airport is formerly known as the Sahar international airport because it is located at Sahar village which comes under the Mumbai district later it is inaugurated and named after the great warrior of India King ShivajiMaharaj. The first thing that anyone will notice is the beautifully designed airport.


BOM international airport consists of two terminals one is for domestic flights and the other for international flights. Terminal 1 is divided into 1A, 1B, and 1C. Both the terminals are huge that includes all the major facilities like high-speed internet Wi-Fi, mobile charging, restaurants, food outlets, duty-free shops, etc.

Airport also has a Luggage room and locker rooms. Luggage wrapping facility is also available.

Lounges and Hotels


  • Travel Club – This lounge is located in terminal 1 of the 3rd floor opposite to gate no 44. Anyone can access through a membership card or by paying at the door.
  • Oasis lounge– This lounge is located at terminal 1 near the airside at the upper level. It provides membership cards and passes.
  • Aviserv lounge – It is located at terminal 2 at level 2 near gate A.
  • Travel Club – This lounge is also available in terminal 2 at level 3 which is opposite gate no 44.
  • Hotels
  • Hotel Orchids – It is located within 4 minutes from the airport. All the facilities are available
  • Hotel Ibis – This hotel is located 4 minutes away from the airport. It also provides free shuttle facilities
  • The Waterstones – It is located 5 minutes away from the airport. It is located near an international terminal

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are any direct flights available from Seattle to Mumbai?

    No, till now there are no direct flights available. All Flights available from Seattle to Mumbai are connecting flights with one or more stops.

  2. Which is the best day where I can get a low fare ticket?

    Monday or Tuesday, These two days most of the airlines provide low airfare on tickets.

  3. Which airlines provide the least airfare on Seattle to Mumbai flight?

    Singapore airlines considered the best airline in terms of low airfare. They provide great deals and discounts on flight tickets.

  4. What is the lowest airfare that a traveler may expect from Seattle to Mumbai?

    The price range may from $600 to $700. It may vary according to the season.

  5. What is the minimum time required to travel from Seattle to Mumbai?

    The least time required to travel from Seattle to Mumbai is at least 21 hours. Although travel time may differ according to weather conditions.

  6. How many flights that fly to Mumbai from Seattle per day?

    On an average over 100 flights fly to Mumbai from Seattle on a daily basis.

  7. What is the distance from Seattle airport to Mumbai airport?

    The distance from Seattle to Mumbai airport is about 7,736 miles.

  8. Can I change the date before flying?

    You may change the reschedule the date of the flight but it will cost you some cancellation charges or reschedule price.

  9. Is lounge facilities available in Mumbai Airport?


  10. How far is the main city of Mumbai from the airport?

    It is about 15 miles from the airport.