How to Book San Francisco to Hyderabad flights Within Budget


SFO to Hyderabad Flights Tickets /About San Francisco International Airport  San Francisco is a delightful city arranged in Northern California.A large portion of the individuals from Indian Sub-landmass additionally favor this course. SFO to HYD flight is additionally accessible from this air terminal. SFO to HYD  Hyderabad flight is accessible with a couple of stops. HYD or Hyderabad worldwide air terminal which is situated in the southern piece of India. SFO to Hyderabad is exceptionally advantageous for the south Indians. One of the fascinating realities about this worldwide air terminal is that it was utilized by the coast watchmen and armed forces during World War 2. Since it was arranged close to narrows region it turned out to be helpful to move the military activities from this territory. One of the primary concerns that this air terminal is unique in relation to the next air terminal is on the grounds that it has Louis A Turpen gallery. It is an Aviation exhibition hall. So as to book SFO to HYD Hyderabd flight one can basically sign on to BigTravelHelp site and can book flight and can get 40% idea on SFO to HYD Hyderabad flight.

San Francisco : The name of the city is means Saint Francis. San Francisco is the Spanish name. It is a city-region. San Francisco is additionally acclaimed for its Culture and budgetary segment as it is the Cultural and monetary focal point of Northern California. It is one of the significant worldwide air terminal in the United States. It is likewise one of the most seasoned air terminals of the US. It was opened in 1927. This course is additionally the acclaimed course to Europe and Asia. San Francisco universal Airport is arranged in the south of the midtown of San Francisco. This worldwide air terminal is 13 miles from San Francisco County. The significant aircraft of this course is Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. This air terminal is spread more than 1,112 sections of land. San Francisco air terminal is the 24th busiest air terminal on the planet. Regarding the United State, it is the seventh busiest air terminal. The air terminal is arranged close to narrows territory which gives the air terminal an astounding perspective. Numerous Asian is lean towards this course as it is popular among Asians.

San Francisco to Hyderabad flight (SFO to HYD flight)

Till now there is no direct flight from SFO to HYD. But passenger may take advantage by booking cheap flight with one or two stops because more than 151 flights available to Hyderabad from San Francisco. Overall the major airline companies provide their service to this route. The major airlines are British Airways, United Airlines, Air India, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airline. This route comes with one or two stop. One of the hassle free way to book a ticket is by Pre-Planning or pre-booking.  To avail the SFO to HYD flights at cheaper rate one trick may the traveller can follow is:

By tracking the tickets with google flight. One can simply make a Gmail account and can login on google flight portal and search for the flight. After searching one can book a round or for one way ticket. A round trip will surely cost you less than the one way. In order to book the tickets from SFO to HYD flight one may visit to our website BigTravelHelp for more information.  The air route distance from San Francisco to Hyderabad is 13540 km or 8421 miles. The total time duration from San Francisco to Hyderabad will tale around 16 hours and 27 minutes.

There are many flights that take off to Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. You can definitely get the tickets but in order to get the cheap flight tickets a pre booking is advised. Travel agency like BigTravelHelp will make sure about the tickets. By visiting the website you can get a great deals on flight tickets also a 40% from SFO to HYD flights. Daily around 151 flight route towards Hyderabad each day. The flights are connecting flights with one or two stops. The cheapest flight price a traveller can expect is around $845-$861 the price may be variant according to the airlines which you are choosing. Most of the passenger prefer to fly during the mid of the week as this is because it comes with great offers as it is the mid working day of the week so people generally who all are looking for cheap flight tickets may travel to Wednesday. Wednesday is the cheapest day of the week to fly.

Hotels and Lounges

If it has come for luxury and other facilities San Francisco will never let you down. Whether you are travelling in an economy class or the business class the international airport is having everything for everyone. For long layover, during flight cancellations or flight delay one can perfectly utilize the time by visiting near the area like a museum which is located inside the airport. You can take a meal or can enjoy the great foods and snacks counter as many delicious foods at this airport is famous among travellers. You may take a free shower facility, few of the other facilities like a play area for kids, the yoga area, the art gallery and the spa centre will definitely make you relax. You may also relax in the lounge with free newspapers.


  • Lounges are also available to economy class travellers they are:
  • Delta Sky Club which is located in terminal 1 near gate no 41.
  • Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse which is located in Terminal A, level 5.
  • United club in multiple location also in international terminal.
  • Air France KLM lounge it is located near international terminal, airside.
  • USO lounge this lounge is located in terminal 1.
  • Centurion Lounge is located in Terminal 3, Gate no 74.
  • All the access to the lounge is available by membership card or by paying some amount at the door. It is advised to acknowledge about the entry timing of Yoga room. Wi-Fi is available 24 hours, other facilities like Luggage room and locker rooms are available.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad (India) or HYD

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is named after the former Prime Minister of India Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi. This Airport was established in 2008. Before it was known as the Begum pet Airport. This airport is located 24 km from the main city Hyderabad. This International airport is situated in Telangana state of Hyderabad city. It is the southern part of India and is also known as the IT hub of India. Several multinational companies’ headquarter is situated in Hyderabad. Many international flights land here in HYD airport. SFO to HYD flight gives convenience for the passenger who all belongs from the southern part of India, although this not the only airport in southern India. This is a small airport and mainly the cargo airlines are operated from here. Many cargo giants like Bluedart also operate from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Many international flights like Air India, Qatar Airways, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific and fly emirate provide the air services. More than hundreds of flight routed from this international airport. Some of the Indian airlines like indigo, spice jet, jet airways, Vistara and Air Asia also available.


This airport is consist of only one terminal. This single terminal is consist of nine gates. The terminal is divided into south and north side that is nine gates towards the south side and the other two towards the north side. Immigrants check help desk are available to guide you. Although you cannot expect much from this airport as this is small in area. This is the sixth busiest airport in India.

Other facilities like Locker rooms, luggage rooms are also available. The rate and price can be checked by visiting the official page. For fun and time pass there is not much to do except the free WiFi. For Layovers travellers and to take rest you can manage yourself comfortably inside the airport.

Hotels and Lounges


For economy and business class passenger’s lounges are available. Lounges are available for both domestic and international travellers.

The Plaza Premium lounge is located near gate no 28 for the domestic passengers. Meals, Drinks, restrooms and shower are available. The plaza premium lounges are also available for international travellers. It is located in gate no 32A. It is a 24-hour open lounge where any passenger can have the pleasure.

Both the lounges are accessible to the Pass holder or who all are having a membership card. Lounges can also be accessed by paying some amount at the door. For the travellers who are looking for more comfort and can’t resist having in the luxurious room can search for the hotels.

For a passenger who wants to just relax and freshen up can try for the airport hotel & lodge which is located inside the airport. This lodge comes up with the dormitory style with mobile charging, toilets etc. Separate toilets for women is also available. Baby care room is also available.

It is always advised to book the ticket before getting into trouble of hurry. By taking the help from google you can manage by own to get the flight tickets. Simply you just have to login or make the Gmail account and by activating the service the AI will guide you about the cheap flight. Google will show the seat side that is which side the traveller want to book the seat, and if anyone like the window seat can choose accordingly.

  • About San Francisco

San Francisco is a beautiful city situated in the county of San Francisco in the northern part of California. San Francisco is situated in the hill area. It is situated in the Bay of Alcatraz Island. Alcatraz is also famous for the Jail which was built in the island Alcatraz. Which was later closed when three of the accused broke the jail and escaped. The famous Iron Bridge of San Francisco is also a world-famous and fine art of engineering.

During your visit to San Francisco the things to do in San Francisco are:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge

The world famous Golden Gate Bridge has constructed in-between San Francisco and Muir Woods. This bridge connects the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the major tourist attraction. The Golden Gate Bridge is famous among the people of the US. People use to enjoy visiting here and do picnics. You can see people taking a selfie and admiring the spectacular view of the point.

  • Cable Cars

Lots of famous Hollywood films kept the famous cable car shot. Or one can remember the cable car from a postcard. If you get the chance and if you are a true traveller you must definitely take cable car ride. The cable car is the landmark of the United States. It is a historic piece of machine.

  • Chinatown

The famous Chinatown of San Francisco is very famous among Asians specially visitors from china. Visitors must visit and taste the meals and food of the Chinese in America food.

  • Union Square

Like the Madison square, the famous union square of San Francisco is also famous among the visitors. Visitors must visit and they can enjoy the view of the market place. Many big brands which is famous worldwide all are located in one place.

  • Muir Woods

For all the nature lovers and preservers Muir woods national monument is an ideal place for all of them. Nature lover must visit this beautiful place settled by Mother Nature. The Muir woods national woods are covered with 45 feet tall giant trees.

The other point to visit in San Francisco are Ferry Building Marketplace, Baker beach, The Castro which is famous for LGBTQ, Twin peaks where one can view the part of San Francisco from the top.

  • About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital city situated in Telangana, India. The interesting fact about Hyderabad is that it was the last princely state who surrendered in front of Indian government after getting independence from England. The Nizam of the Hyderabad refused the offer to merge in India and considered himself to merge with Pakistan. But as Hyderabad was the part of India, the government send the troops inorder to resolve the issue. Hyderabad was the city of Nawabs. Many Royal families conquered and dictated Hyderabad. The must visit place in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is also known for Blackbuck. The Mahavir national park of Hyderabad is very famous for Blackbucks. Blackbucks are very rare species. Blackbuck is declared the endangered species. Killing and hunting of Blackbuck is a punishable offence in India.

  • Charminar

Charminar is the first thing that a visitor must visit. Hyderabad is one of the old city of India. Charminar is built by Sultan Mohammad QuliQutub Shah in is one of the major tourist attraction.

  • Golconda Fort

Golconda fort was built by Quli Shah Family. It is situated 11 km from the city. It is one of the major tourist attraction. The beautiful culture of nawab can be realize by visiting this beautiful fort.

  • Ramoji Film City

Ramoji film city was built in 1991 and very famously being presented in Bollywood and Hollywood films. Many south Indian films also filmed here. It is spread over 2500 acre of land. It is 30 km away from the old Hyderabad city.

  • HussainSagar Lake

HussainSagar Lake was built by Quli Shah Family. It was one of the fun places of the royal family. Lord Buddha statue is built on the lake which is also a major tourist attraction. The height of the statue is 16m. it’s just 32 Km from Hyderabad International Airport.

SFO to HYD flight

One of the common air routes for India is SFO to HYD flight, but due to the present, the coronavirus outbreak all the flights to India form the US has been suspended. There are no flights available between San Francisco to Hyderabad, all the passengers are advised to avoid traveling these days.

Due to COVID-19 the government of the United State stopped all the flight services to Asia, and Europe. It is expected to resume from July till all the passengers are requested to have patience and wait for the guidelines of the government.

For all the passengers who are looking for a flight booking refunds, it may take up to 30 days to take the credit amount. The time limits of the refund may vary due to different travel agencies or airlines.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can I fly to HYD from SFO while Covid -19?

    No, all the flights from SFO to HYD has been adjourned, it is advised to keep a regular update regarding the flights. For more information, you can visit

  • Total distance from San Francisco to Hyderabad?

    13540 km.

  • The cheapest cost can be expected for SFO to Hyderabad ?

    Around 750 to 830 dollar.

  • How many flights available from San Francisco to Hyderabad India?

    151 flight every day.

  • Total Time duration from San Francisco to Hyderabad India?

    The total time duration from San Francisco to Hyderabad is around 16 to 17 hours.

  • Is any direct flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Hyderabad (HYD) Available?

    Yes, for both domestic and international lounge facilities are available.

  • Is luggage and locker rooms available in Hyderabad Airport?


  • Can I modified the date of the flight?

    Yes, but please check the fine and other charges.

  • Is Taxi available at airport?