How to Book Fresno to Philadelphia flights Within Budget

PHL to AMD Flight / Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to SardaarVallabh Bhai PatelInternational airport (AMD)

Philadelphia international airport is one of the busiest international airports in the United States. Presently there are no nonstop PHL to AMD flights available. But several other options are available as several major airlines provide their services through connecting PHL to AMD flights. The total distance covered by PHL to AMD flights is 7,615 miles. As there is no direct Philadelphia to Ahmedabad Flights available, the connecting flight that takes time to reach the Ahmedabad airport is a minimum of 18 hours 20 minutes. Time may differ according to the season. The most preferable flight that providing the cheapest airfare price in PHL to AMD flights is Qatar Airways. The airfare provided by the Qatar Airways in PHL to AMD flights is $924. The favorable day that most of the travelers prefer from this international airport is Sunday. This route is one of the favorite route y most of the passengers according to the reviews. It is advised to the travelers that they must reach the Philadelphia international airport 2 hours before boarding for domestic flights and at least 3 hours before boarding for international flights. For international flights, a security check is more time-consuming.

Several connecting flights are available like:

  • American Airlines, Air India – It will around 18 hours 20 minutes via London.
  • British Airways, Air India – It will take around 18 hours 40 minutes via the London route.
  • Qatar Airways – the most favourable flight for PHL to AMD flights by Indians, it will take around 19 hours 20 minutes via Doha.
  • Delta Airways, Air India – It will take around 20 hours and 10 minutes via Detroit, London.
  • Air Canada, Air India – It will take around 20 hours 30 minutes via Toronto, London

Several other options are available for this route but the time duration may differ. It is advised to check the route and price of the ticket before booking.

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

One of the busiest international airports in the United States. It is also one of the primary international airport serving the United States. United Airlines is the Hub of this international airport. This international airport provides its services to over 140 destinations including domestic and international flights. This airport is also one of the major air routes for European countries. This airport is 7 miles away from the main city of Philadelphia. This airport is the 20th busiest airport in the United States. The land acquired by the Philadelphia international airport is 2,302 acres of land.


AS it is one of the major international airports in the US there is a total of seven terminals in this airport. The terminals are divided into concourses Terminal A, B, C, D, E, F as the terminal is located between some distance so it is better to take a bus to reach the other terminal. The whole terminal is equipped with all the facilities and a free Wi-Fi facility. There is no option for 24×7 restaurants. The restaurants are open for a limited time period.

Lounges and Hotels


  • United Club Lounge – This lounge is located between concourse C and D. Lounge is accessible to membership cards and pass. The passenger may also enter by paying the charges at the door.
  • American Airlines Club – this lounge is located at any locations in the terminal. It is located to both the concourse of East and West of concourse A and also concourse B, C and also concourse F.
  • Delta Sky Lounge – This lounge is located at Terminal D. But this lounge is for Elite members can be entered through an elite membership card.
  • The USO Lounge – This lounge is located at terminal A. This terminal provides free services to the US military personnel.


For the passengers who need personal suites or room or wants to get out of the airport can prefer for hotel option. Many hotel options are available inside and outside of the airport. The hotels which is located inside and outside are:

  • The Minute Suites – This hotel is located at Terminal A and Terminal B. This hotel is a luxury hotel that comes with all the luxurious facilities like free Wi-Fi, and bars.
  • The Embassy Suites – This hotel is situated within walking distance of 6 minutes. Free pickup facilities are provided by the hotel on request.
  • Hampton Inn – this hotel is located within walking distance of 6 minutes from the airport. This hotel also provides 24 hour pickup service.
  • Marriot – This hotel is located at the airport. You can reach this hotel through terminal B. Free shuttle facilities is available on request.

This international airport includes various facilities but Luggage rooms and Locker rooms is not available. Other amenities like baby care center, children play area, and Mobile charging sockets are available. Restaurants are also available and open for a limited time. Duty free shops are also in the airport.

SardaarVallabh Bhai International Airport, (AMD), India

SardaarVallabh Bhai Patel Airport is one of the major airports in Gujarat and also very important for domestic flight aspects. This international airport is settled in the Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state, India which is named after the “Iron man of India” SardaarVallabh Bhai Patel. He was the first deputy prime minister of free India. This airport is consists of two Terminal. Terminal 1 is used for domestic flights and Terminal 2 is used for international purposes. The airport is small in size, but the authorities are planning to expand the airport and to construct one more terminal.

Lounges and Hotels


  • Plaza Premium Lounge – This lounge is located at terminal 1. This lounge is for domestic arrival passengers. It is near Gate no. 4. This lounge can be accessed by membership card and by Pass. It can also be enter by paying the charge at door.
  • Plaza Premium lounge – this lounge is located at terminal no 2. It is for international arrival passengers. This lounge is located at Gate no. 3. This lounge can be accessed through a membership card or by Pass or can also be entered by paying the charge at door.


For travelers who want to get out and want to book a room form, the airport can look around nearby as several options are available on the hotel.

  • Hotel R.J. Residency this hotel is near to the airport
  • Hotel Pristine is also located near the airport.
  • Apart from this Restrooms are also available inside the airport.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the total distance from PHL to AMD?

    7,615 miles.

  • What is the time taken by PHL to AMD flights?

    18 hours 20 minutes approximately.

  • Are any direct flight from Philadelphia to Ahmedabad ?

    No, only connecting light is available.

  • What will be the perfect day to fly?

    Sunday will be preferable to fly from Philadelphia to Ahmedabad .

  • What is the cheapest airfare in Philadelphia to Ahmedabad Flights?

    $924 is the lowest fare, but it may vary.