How to Book New York to Kozhikode flights Within Budget

JFK to CCJ Flight /(John F Kennedy International Airport to Kozhikode International Airport)

There is no Direct JFK to CCJ flight available. CCJ is the code of Kozhikode International airport which is also known as Calicut international airport, Kerala, India. Several other options are available in nonstop JFK to CCJ flight. All the major airlines serve this route via connecting flight. Every day a total of 74 flights fly to JFK to CCJ. All are connecting flights. The distance from John F Kennedy international airport to Kozhikode international airport is 8,365 miles. The minimum time duration that a JFK to CCJ flight took is around 18 hours 50 minutes. The time duration is the minimum time required to travel from JFK airport to CCJ airport via a connecting flight. The cheapest airfare available in JFK to CCJ flight is $716. The price range may fluctuate because of the rate of change in currency exchange over the international market. The preferable day that most of the traveler preferred is Thursday. So, if you are looking to save money and to get a concession over JFK to CCJ flight, Thursday will be a favorable day. It is advised to all the passenger that to reach airport prior 3 hours before boarding for any international flight. The best airline available for JFK to CCJ flight is Air India as it provides cheapest flight tickets to this route.

Several major airlines serve their services to JFK to CCJ flight route, few of them are:

  • American, Gulf Air – It takes 23 hours 10 minutes to reach the destination via Heathrow Airport and Bahrain airport.
  • Etihad Airlines – It takes around 18 hours 55 minutes via Abu Dhabi.
  • American, Etihad Airline – It takes around 23 hours 15 minutes via Heathrow and Abu Dhabi.
  • Delta, Etihad Airline – It takes around 21 hours 25 minutes via Brussels and Abu Dhabi.
  • Turkish Airlines, Saudi Airlines – It will take around 34 hours 20 minutes via Istanbul and Jeddah.

All the above mentioned airlines are the example and the approximately time required. The time and air route may differ. Please check the route and price before booking tickets.

John F. Kennedy International airport (JFK), New York, America

John F Kennedy’s global air terminal is the worldwide air terminal situated in Queens, New York of the United States. JFK air terminal is one of the fundamental air terminals in the US as it is an escape to all the European and Asian nations. The John F Kennedy universal air terminal is the 22nd busiest worldwide air terminal on the planet, which is additionally the sixth busiest global air terminal in the United States. Since it connects more than 59 million travelers for each year makes it one of the busiest universal air terminals. John F Kennedy’s universal air terminal is 16 miles from the principal city of Manhattan.


JFK international airport consists of 6 terminals. Terminal 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8. JFK international airport demolishes terminal no. 3 and terminal no.6. It is a huge airport engaging over millions of passengers which is why it is loud and crowded. This international airport also servers nonstop flights to several Asian countries and European countries. JFK international airport is the hub of united airlines and Delta airlines. All the terminal are well connected with high-speed trains. Because of the size of this airport, the common complaints from the travelers is the insufficient amount of seating chair.

Lounges and hotel (JFK)


Passengers from Economy class and Business class can take the services of the following lounge:

KLA Lounge – It is located at terminal no 1, Gate no.3. The lounge can be entered by a membership card or by pass.

Air France Lounge – This lounge is also located at terminal 1 near gate no. 1. Membership cardholders can enter. The lounge can also be accessed by paying some charge at the door.

For business class travelers

Terminal 1

  • Lufthansa Senator Lounge
  • Casa Alitalia Lounge
  • Korean Air

Terminal 2 -Delta sky lounge can be accessed by elite members only.

Terminal 4 – Air India’s Maharajah Lounge, Virgin Atlantic lounge, Swiss Lounge and Emirate lounge available at this terminal for membership cardholders.

Terminal 5 – JetBlue lounge, Air Lingus lounge.

Terminal 7 – In this terminal, you can find three lounges running by British Airways.


For those who want to book a personal room or to get out of the airport, they can book a hotel room. There is plenty of option available on the hotel:

  • TWA Hotel – This hotel is located at terminal no. 5. It is the perfect room for travelers who need rooms for day time.
  • Days Inn – This hotel is within walking distance from the airport and only 3 minutes away. All the facilities are available.
  • Crowne Plaza – The famous Crowne Plaza hotel is 3 minutes’ walking distance from the airport. Free pickup service is also available on request.
  • Hampton Inn – One of the finest hotels around the airport. It is 5 minutes away from the airport.
  • Holiday Inn – This hotel is located near the airport. It is 5minutes walking distance from the airport, but a free pickup facility is also available.

Fair field Inn – This hotel is located in 3 minutes of walking distance from the airport. Passengers can take a route from station C.

Kozhikode International Airport (CCJ), Calicut, India

The Kozhikode International Airport is also known as Calicut international airport. This airport is located at the Kerala state of India. It is a small airport which is used for domestic and international flights. The security check is a bit slow process and time-consuming.


The airport has a single terminal divided into two parts one is for domestic purposes and another is for international purposes. You will find some restaurants inside the airport with Duty free shops.

Lounges and Hotels


Al hind Lounge is located at level 2 near the international departures. This lounge can be accessed through a membership card or bypass. You can also enjoy the service by paying the lounge entry fee.


It is a beautiful place so it is better to book a hotel nearby airport or nearby town.

Punna Residency is located near the airport which 3 minutes’ walking distance from the airport.

Pulikkal Hotel is also located near the airport and it is a 3-minute walking distance from the airport.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Are any flights available directly from New York to Kozhikode?

    No, only connecting flight are available.

  • Which is the best airlines in New York to Kozhikode flight?

    Air India.

  • What is the cheapest flight available from New York to Kozhikode ?

    $716- aprox

  • What is the favorable day to fly from JFK New York to Kozhikode?

    Thursday will be the best day to fly to get a concession on tickets.

  • What is the distance from JFK New York to Kozhikode?

    8,365 miles.

  • What is the time required to travel from JFK New York to Kozhikode?

    18 hours 50 minutes is the minimum time, but it may vary depending upon the flight services and weather.