Nepal Travel Agency in USA for Kathmandu

Kathmandu Nepal Travel Agency in USA 

When it comes to fly back to their root land sometime it becomes difficult to approach the right travel agency who can sort out the problems and needs. They can try to reach the best Nepal travel agency in the USA  for Kathmandu Nepal i.e. BigTravelHelp. It is one of the best Travel Agents in the USA. People often book their tickets and get relatively cheap flight tickets from It is a trustworthy Nepal travel agents in USA that provides its assistance to everyone 24×7. The main purpose of this agency is to provide the best service to their clients as each one is important to them. The US officials opened there door for Nepal in 1947 and established the embassy in Kathmandu. Nepal is one of the allies of the US which is always ready for help. Many student programs and cultural programs have been running by America for Nepalese. Many of the students currently enjoying their lifestyle and education here in America. So, if anyone wants to travel Nepal or to get out of the city for a while can visit Nepal by contacting the best Nepal travel agents in the USA i.e. BigTravelHelp. This travel agency in the US will help not only to get the cheap flight tickets ut also the business class tickets. For more offers and cash backs, one can log in to the websites or can call the customer care for assistance.

Nepal is one of the beautiful places in the world. It is the Hindu majority country. Nepali immigrants are one of the major community among all. Many Nepali settled down in New York and Texas. More than 200,000 Nepalese are living in America. Most of the Nepalese are students, workers, professionals who came up here to live the American dreams.

Flights from the USA to Nepal

No need to worry about flights to Nepal as there are many flights that provide these services to Nepal. Nonstop flights are also available from America. The most famous and busiest route to Nepal from America is the John F Kennedy international airport. From JFK international airport you can get a nonstop flight to Kathmandu airport of Nepa name Tribhuvan International Airport. Most of the flights are available from this airport. Other flights to Nepal from the USA is from Dallas which will land directly to the Tribhuvan International airport of Kathmandu, Nepal. If you don’t bother about the direct flight you can catch the flight from other parts of the US also that is from San Francisco and Los Angeles with one or two stops. So connectivity is not that difficult. Royal Nepal Airline is the airline from Nepal but it was banned in 2016 by Eu. For more information, anyone can search for air tickets by visiting the Nepal travel agency in the USA. All the major airlines fly from Nepal but few of the famous airlines are Sichuan Airlines, Hainan Airlines, and Xiamen Airlines.  If you wondering about the cheapest flight to fly than it is noticed that the cheapest flights available to Nepal is cost around $364 and in general $975 have to spent for flight. The most famous and busiest route to Nepal is John F Kennedy international airport which costs around $685. Price may fluctuate so it is not compulsory. The air distance from America to Nepal is 7,926 which will take around 16 hours 17 minutes if the flight is nonstop. The USA is located on the east side of Nepal. More than hundreds of flights travel to Nepal in a week so there is no need to worry about that. If anyone wants to travel Nepal than they can also try route via India which is also favorable for most of the travelers. From India, the traveler can reach Nepal by road by hiring a cab or by train. As India and Nepal are friendly neighbors. They can also book their tickets from the best Nepal travel agency BIgTravelHelp in the US. Its branches are also situated in India. Air Arabia, Indigo Airlines, SalamAir, Druk Airlines, Biman Airlines are the other private airlines of the other countries.

Visa Permits and other proceedings

According to the new Visa law by Nepalese government  Visa fees have been increased they are also providing five years of multiple-entry tourist visas for US citizens only. During the entry to Nepal, it is mandatory to have a passport that should have about six months or more validity remaining before entry. Visa on arrival facilities is there for American citizens. It is better to take a visa before arrival because it may take several hours in doing various visa formalities so in order to save that time it is good to clear the visa before arrival. For the American citizens while crossing the border of Nepal by road it is necessary to keep US dollar bills to pay during the entry as a fee or for other processes as Indian rupee is also valid but in order to avoid any kind of hassle stick to your dollar.

If anyone is applying for a multiple entry visa it will cost like:

  • $30 for 15 days
  • $50 for 30 days
  • $125 for 90 days

If you are crossing the border through China border most of the time Chinese official demand for the licensed and established travel agencies documents and allows only after that. Most of the time the border was closed due to many cultural events. So, it is better to book a route through India as it is the famous route among all if you are traveling by road. Or can simply visit the best Nepalese travel agency in the US that is BIgtravelHelp. It is better to check the airline before departing. As it is advised to travel airlines like Airindia, Malaysian airlines, and such other famous airlines.

Nepal-US relationship

After 1947 USA recognized Nepal and established a mutual relationship. In 1948 both the diplomats started giving the US-Nepal relation to a great height. Both countries established their respective embassy. After the end of the long civil war in Nepal 2006, Us also contributed to Nepal in the military, education, and tourism. In addition to Nepal America also signed in Millenium Challenge Cooperation (MCC) and implementation for technical assistance. The US also helped Nepal during the devastating earthquake to rebuild Nepal. They also share similar memberships with many international organizations. Nepal maintains its embassy in Washington DC in 2008. By so far there relationship is a bit going offbeat due to recent political change occurred in Nepal. But as far as no big issues or problems in their relationship.

Airport Guide to Nepal

The main airport in Nepal is the Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu. Which is situated 5 km from Kathmandu city? It is situated near the Kathmandu valley. The other major airport is the Gautam Buddha international airport in Siddhartha Nagar. There are a total of 43 airports in Nepal. Inca Manco Capac international airport is situated at the highest altitude of Nepal. For more help before visiting one can visit the best Nepal travel agency in USA is BigHelpTravel.


Not to expect too much from the Kathmandu airport because passengers have a repeated complain over the lounges as the bathrooms are dirty. The free snacks available are not hygienic. Although you can have free Wi-Fi.  Depending upon what class the passenger is traveling can get the lounge access by paying through the wallet or by the membership card. There is not too much detail about the airport because sleeping inside the airport is not permissible as it closes from 12.30 AM to 6.30 AM. The traveler is advised to keep the safety of their belongings.


As sleeping overnight inside the airport is noted permissible it is better to get out from the airport and get a hotel reservation as there are several other options outside the airport for layovers, flight cancellations or delays. One can simply download the OYO application and can compare all kinds of rooms and get the reservation done. Few of the famous hotel nearby is Summit Residency and Hotel Marinha. Only one duty-free shop is available. Luggage storage and locker rooms are not is advised to book the tickets and know all the details by visiting Nepal travel agency in USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel time from the US to Nepal?

It takes 16 hours 17 minutes.

Major Airport of Nepal?

Tribhuvan international airport situated in the capital city Kathmandu.

Is Nepal safe?

Yes, as the crime rate has been recorded but overall no issue major.

Can alcohol be consumed in Nepal?

It is totally banned near public places and to sell but you can have in your hotel with permission.

Is major Are airlines available in Nepal?

Yes, all the major airlines are available.

The famous airline from the US to Nepal?

Sichuan Airlines, Hainan Airlines or XiamenAir considered being famous.

Popular air route to Nepal from the US?

John F Kennedy international airport is the most famous and busiest route for Nepal.

Is the visa required for American citizens?

Visa on arrival is available. But it is better to take a visa clearance prior to the journey.

Is there any direct flight to Nepal from the US?