How to Book Minneapolis to Ahmedabad flights Within Budget

MSP to AMD Flights  Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) to Ahmedabad International Airport (AMD) flights

There is no direct MSP to AMD flights ( Minneapolis to Ahmedabad flights ). The flights available to AMD are connecting flights. Connecting flights are available up to three stops. Apart from the direct flight, all other major airlines of the world provide their services. MSP international airport is the hub of Delta Airlines and United Airlines. The best to fly for Ahmedabad international airport from MSO international airport is Tuesday because most of the flights are available on Tuesday for AMD international airport. It is advised to reach the MSP international airport before 2 hours as boarding and security check-in time. The cheapest MSP to AMD flight available is $1064 for one-way, the price range may vary because of fluctuation in international currency rate exchange. The price ranges can rise up to $5000. The cheapest MSP to AMD flights are China Southern, Delta Airlines and Air India. To avail the offer and to get up to 40% discount On MSP to AMD flight. The Airlines available from MSP to AMD are:

The United Airlines, Air India – takes around 24 hours 9 minutes via O’Hare international airport and New Delhi Airport.

The American Airlines and Etihad Airlines – takes around 24 hours and 2 minutes via Chicago and New Delhi.

Delta Airlines, Air India – takes around 34 hours and 14 minutes via New York and New Delhi.

JetBlue, Qatar Airways – takes around 28 hours and 45 minutes via Boston and Doha.

There are many flights that are available from MSP to AMD. For more searches, you can go for google flight. All the Time duration mentioned above is for a one-way journey.

Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)

The history of MSP international airport is that it was used for military purposes. During World War-I this airport served several military actions and also became the reason to name this airport World-Chamberlain airport which was the former name of the airport. Today also this airport serves for military purposes. This airport is best for domestic flights. This airport sets a record for managing 18 million passengers in 2016 which gave the title of 17th busiest airport in the US. The total land acquires the MSP international airport is 2,930 acres.


There are total two terminals which is sub-divided. Terminal 1 is sub divided into concourses A, B, C, D, E, F, G and terminal 2 has only single concourse that is concourse G. Both the terminals are well equipped with Wi-Fi facilities and restaurants. Terminal 1 is bigger than terminal 2. You can find most of the facilities on terminal one like Malls, Shops, restaurants in which few are open for 24×7.

Hotels and Lounges


Lounge facilities are available to both domestic and international passengers.

Escape Lounge – It is located at terminal 1 near Mezzanine level. Lounge entry can be through Membership card or by Pass. It is chargeable for non-membership card holder.

PGA Lounge – It is located at terminal 1, Airside. Can be accessed through Membership or Pass holder.

United Club – The most common club all around America located at terminal 1 Concourse E


Many international hotels and suites are available:

The Intercontinental Minneapolis – This is an Airport hotel available inside the airport 24×7 services are available. The hotel is within a walking distance from terminal 1. For any assistance, you may call from the airport to the hotel for pickup.

Hilton MSP Airport Mall of America – is located near the airport. It will take around 8 minute to reach. It consist of all the luxury facilities with currency exchange, spa, and saloon, swimming pool, shops and Pick and drop facility.

Hyatt Place – This hotel is also located near the airport within the walking distance, it will take 8 minutes from the airport.

The Embassy Suites – Located near the airport. 8 minutes from the airport having all the required facilities.

Holiday Suit – It is located in the mall area and is located at a 11 minute walking distance.

These are the few hotels that can be easily approachable as the free shuttle is also available. Or for more options, you can search the other hotels also. But for MSP to HYD flight go for BIgTravelHelp.

Other than that this airport also serves military personnel. The military lounge is also available. This airport has other facilities like a Baby care center where a mother can feed their baby. For children, a playground facility is also available.

The fitness club is also available inside the airport.

SardarVallabh Bhai Patel International Airport (AMD)

This airport is situated in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat State, India. This airport was started its operation in 1991. It is one of the major international airports in the Gujarat state. SardarVallabh Bhai Patel was the first former Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India. He was the pride of the whole Gujarat and India that is the reason the airport was named after him. This airport consists of two terminals. One terminal is for Domestic flights and another one is for international flights. They are planning to construct the third terminal also.

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Hotels and Lounges


The Plaza Premium Lounge which is located at terminal 1, Airside near gate no 4, located near domestic departures.

The Plaza Premium Lounge – located near international departures, terminal 2 of gate no3.

Both the lounges can be accessed through a membership card or Pass. Anyone can also enter by paying the entry fees. Both lounges services are good and well maintained.


If you feel the sleeping area is not comfortable you may go for hotels which are nearby the airport.

Hotel R.J. Residency – This hotel is located near the airport. This hotel can be reached by walking. Free pick and drop facility are not available.

Hotel Airport Residency – This hotel located within walking distance from the airport. A free shuttle facility is available.

Pristine Residency Hotel – This hotel is located near the airport and the distance is around 1 mile from the airport.

Rest room facility is also available to this airport. Other facilities like the Luggage room and Locker room are not available.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the time duration from Minneapolis to Ahmedabad flight?

    It will take a minimum of 21 hours from Minneapolis to Ahmedabad.

  • What is the travel distance from Minneapolis to Ahmedabad or Minneapolis international airport to Ahmedabad international airport?

    The distance from Minneapolis to Ahmedabad airport is 7652 miles.

  • What is lowest airfare in Minneapolis to Ahmedabad flights?

    The lowest airfare till now is $1064.

  • A suitable day to fly from Minneapolis to Ahmedabad?

    The suitable day preferred is Tuesday as there is more availability on flights. You might get the cheapest flight.

  • Are lounge facilities available in Ahmedabad airport?

    Yes, the facility is available.

  • Any flight available directly from Minneapolis to Ahmedabad ?

    No, but directly available to New Delhi, a connecting flight is a good way to travel frequently.