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Detroit Metropolitan Airport or simply DTW Detroit Metro Airport it is known as DTW is one of the major International airports of the United States. The total area covered by this airport is around 4,850 acres. This airport is situated in Michigan. It is the main international airport in Detroit. ( DTW to Del Flights ) cheapest flight from detroit to new delhi is one of the famous routes. It is one of the busiest airports in the United States. Detroit Metro Airport is the hub of all major airlines as this airport serves as the gateway to the Asian and European countries. It is one of the beautiful airport situated in the Wayne County of Michigan. This airport is recorded as the 18th busiest airport in 2013. It is the gateway to all the major destinations and tourism. This airport connects 30 countries and 39 states in the country. One can see the busiest take-off and landings of the airport. This airport is also favorable to Indians. DTW to Del Flights is available from this airport.  One of the interesting facts of Detroit Metro Airport is that it also provides assistance to Japanese travelers all this began when many Japanese businessmen’s traveled to America for business expansions and for other business purposes. They felt there is a communication gap in the airport. As most of the travelers don’t understand the English language admitted by the airport officials then they started their services in other languages also i.e. Japanese and mandarin.

Detroit to Delhi Flight Business class

All the major airlines provide their services to Detroit metro airport. Luxurious airlines like Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Fly Emirates and famous airlines like Air France, Delta, Air Canada, Lufthansa, etc. The flight may be nonstop or via route both are available.

Detroit (DTW to DEL) Delhi non-top flight

Currently, there is no direct fly to Delhi from Detroit. But many other options are available with 1 stop or 2 stop. Air India flight is the home flight to India from Detroit. There are total of 126 flight takes-off per day from Detroit metro airport. 16h 45m is the minimum time duration in DTW to Del Flights. It may up to 18h 41m.  The cheapest airfare available is around $1032 which may fluctuate. All through JFK to Delhi flight is the preferred route than Detroit to Delhi flight because direct flights are available from JFK international airport.

About Detroit

Detroit is one of the major cities in the Midwestern state of Michigan of Wayne County. It is also known as the “MOTOR CITY”. It or DTW Detroit “Motor City” Michigan. It is because it has a long history related to Automotive Industries. Many big brands of Automobile sectors were located in Detroit. It was the first city that adopted mass production in the automobile sector. The crime has been decreased but tourists must not visit the higher crime rate areas. The local famous foods here are Greek salad, Cider and Doughnuts, and Paczki. A major fall in the Detroit region is been recorded. People started moving to the other areas which is safer. Few of the reason behind is the decline over the Automotive Industries. Many people lost their jobs due to many automotive industries were closed. Detroit had a diverse culture. Detroit is also known as the mother of the Music genres like Mo-town and techno. Detroit city gave birth to genres like jazz, hip-hop, punk music. It was like the hub of music genres.

According to the record, over 19 million visitors visited Detroit. It was also given a tag of “City of Design” by UNESCO. It is also the first city in the United States to receive this honour. Detroit also has a floating post office which is the only floating post office in the US. DTW to Del Flights is also available daily.

About Detroit terminal

Detroit Metro Airport consists of two major terminals that is the McNamara terminal and the North terminal. The McNamara terminal was also very famously known as the Northwest World gateway. The Detroit airport consists of 129 gates. The terminals are distributed in three-part that is A, B, and C. The major airlines like Aero Mexico, Air France, and Delta airlines operates from this terminal. This terminal is well connected with Wi-Fi, restaurants, and duty-free shops, etc. The famous Japanese incident happened in this terminal only. Much Japanese travel through this McNamara terminal was the issue of not connecting with the English language. Then after that, the airport provided the facilities o other languages like Japanese and Mandarin. Detroit to Delhi flights may be available from here but all flights will be connecting flights.

The other famous terminal is the North terminal. This terminal was built in September 2008. All the flights like Air France, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, Lufthansa Airways, Royal Jordanian, United express and all non-sky team and no-delta partners’ charter plane.

The security check is very strong here you have to with two-point and six layers of security checks.

Facilities, Shops, and Lounges

It is one of the best international airports in the world having all the world-class facilities as it is having to 4 concourses with two terminals that is the McNamara terminal and the North terminal. The first concourses A, B, and C serve for McNamara terminal and D for North terminal. Both the terminal is connected with 10 minutes of connecting Bus distances.

According to the reviews by the passengers, the McNamara terminal is the preferred terminal by the passengers for sleeping or for waiting due to long layover, flight cancellation and flight delays than the North terminal.

All the available lounges around the world will be accessed through by paying some amount or bypasses or by taking membership cards.

The lounges in the Detroit airport are the Delta sky club and the military lounges.

Delta sky lounges are only for members or for those who all are Elite members.

The military lounges as from names are for military personnel. But in the Airport all the required facilities are available like Canteen, duty-free shops, Kids section, and play area with highly equipped internet facilities.Detroit to Delhi flights available here but for long layovers anyone can utilize the airport facilities from a comfortable break.

Hotels are also available inside the airport and also nearby. Western Detroit Metropolitan airport connected internally by hotels. 24 our shuttle is also available that to free. Outside the airport, there are many hotels available that are not too far from the airport that is the Knights Inn hotel which is 5 minutes away from the airport and Quality Inn hotel which is also 5 minutes from the airport. In-order to save money it is good to be stick around airport or to take the advantage of available facilities. The other facilities like Baby care centre and play are for kids are also available. The noticeable thing is that there is no Luggage and Lockers facilities in Airport. So the passenger needs to carry and take care of their belongings to themselves only. ATM and currency exchanges facilities also available.

Few Airport allows pet relief. Detroit Metro airport also have this facilities.

Place to visit near Detroit (DTW)

Detroit is also very famously known for its alternate name “The Motor City”.

You can take a tour of the famous Detroit by taking any or contact any tout and travels as it is surprisingly waiting to surprise the visitors.

  1. The MoTown museum – For all the music lover and enthusiast they must know about all the roots of the music and about the origin of the genre. For the music lover and also for the others Mo Town is a must visit place. Hitsville which is later converted to museum was the house of the great music artist Berry Gordy the father of the Mo Town genre of music. He recorded all of his greatest hits in this very house, the MoTown museum to DTW airport distance is just 20 minutes and you can take domestic and international flights from DTW to Del or other part of world.
  2. Detroit Riverfront – It is one of the major tourist attraction. The beautiful sight of the Riverview makes you experience the most mesmerising view. For taking the overall experience you may take a cruise ride. Visitors may take a 360 degree view of the River connected with the giant buildings welcoming the visitors. Restaurants, parks, river walk willdefinitely makes you feel good.
  3. The Guardian Building –The guardian building is the skyscraper which situated in the middle of the downtown. The height of this giant building is 151 meters. This building includes 36 stories. This building is beautifully crafted and a sheer piece of fine art. It is one of the major tourist attraction. It was built in 1860. This building is the office of various companies, banks etc. You can admire the beautifully crafted lobby, ladders and ceiling all are fine example of art.
  4. The Belle Isle Park –The Belle Isle Park is also situated near Detroit riverfront and also one of famous park for time spent, This Park includes museum, landmarks, sport activity area, picnic area the famous James Scott memorial fountain. This park also have 150 acres of wooded area with nature zoo.
  5. Eastern Market – It is also of the major market.People can buy fresh foods and nourishment products. This market is a rich heritage market open in 1800.
  6. The Detroit Institute of Art – Another major tourist attraction. This Institute is a sheer piece of art. All the art lover may visit here and can admire the collection of beautiful arts and paintings. This museum also have mummies, the African masks and all the rare collection.

About Delhi

New Delhi is the national capital of India. Delhi is the union territory which is govern by the central government of India and New Delhi is the capital of both that is of the union territory and of the country. Delhi the most populated city after the financial capital of India that is Mumbai. Delhi share its border with the other big states of India like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana that is the reason it is densely populated. Because many people from the other parts of the country come and settle here for jobs, educations or for receiving world class medical facilities. Delhi is also the homes of the Prime Minister and The president of India. New Delhi is the world class city with world class facilities available. It is having one of the major international airport in the world that is the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

About the IGI Airport, New Delhi

The IGI Airport or the Indira Gandhi International Airport is name after the late prime minister of India smt. Indira Gandhi. She is also the first women prime minister of India. It is widely spread over 5016 acres of land. It is located in Palam and it is only 15 km from the New Delhi railway station. Detroit to Delhi flight is also available. The Indira Gandhi International airport is highly recognized and award winning airport in the world. In Asia it is the 6th busiest route and in world it is 12th busiest route. The terminals of the airport is divided into various parts that is terminal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Terminal 1 is subdivided into 1A, 1B, 1C and 1 D.  Apart from terminal 1 all other terminal serves for the international flights like DTW to Del or DEL to DTW.

Flights from US, Canada and Europe arrives at the terminal 3.

Hotels and Lounges

Delhi’s IGI airport considered to one of the major international airport in the world not only this it is also one of the busiest airport in the world which is highly recognised by worldwide. Many highly recommended hotels and lounges make you feel like home. DTW to Del Flights and JFK to Delhi flights are few of the most famous air route. Many luxurious hotels and lounges are available inside the airport. Luggage, lock room, kids section and baby feeding are is also available inside the airport for children play are is also constructed.

For long layovers, flight cancellations, flight delays or for any other reason the IGI airport always a sheer place of pleasure.

Lounges are available according to the class:

The ITC Hotels green Lounge which is located near terminal Airside, Plaza Premium Lounge which is available for both international and domestic passengers. It is located at terminal to for domestic passengers and in terminal for the international passengers

The Americans can feel like home by visiting The American Express Lounge located in the terminal no 3.

All the lounges can only be accessible to the passenger through pass, membership card or by paying some amount at the door. All other facilities like duty free shops, spas are also available.

If you are looking for hotels outside the Delhi airport you can simply book through online or by visiting directly to the hotel.

Place to visit in Delhi

  1. India gate – it is the must visit place for the tourist as it is the war memorial gate. It was built by the famous designer in the world name Sir Edwin Lutyens. This war memorial gate was built in the memory of the British-Indian soldiers who died in the world war second. It is now known as the war memorials of Indian soldiers who died and fought for this motherland. Every year on special occasion the prime minister and the president of India pay their visit here in the fond memory of the brave soldiers.
  2. HauzKhaz Village – It is famous among most of the foreigners. It is village settle in the heart of the city. Most of the famous American bar can be found here. It is a village settled for gathering and to get socialize.
  3. Red Fort – The most significant and world heritage of UNESCO. This beautifully constructed massive building built with red stone by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The giant doors and building is definitely a recognized one.
  4. The Rashtrapatibhavan – This beautiful palace was built by the Britishers. This palace was originally known as the Viceroy palace after gaining independence from Britishers it was stake over by the Indian government. It is now known as the President house. This is one of the major tourist attraction. It is beautifuly constructed building with a lavish Mughal garden and over more than 360 room.
  5. The other places – Chandanichowk (market place), National zoological park, QutubMinar, Humanyus tomb or one can also visit the beautiful city of palace that is Jaipur which is about 230 km from Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any direct fly to Delhi from Detroit?

    No, presently there is no direct flight but you have many options with one or two stops.

  • The lowest cost flight from Detroit to Delhi?

    DTW to DEL – The cheapest flight available is in $873 price may fluctuate.

  • Popular route to India from Detroit?

    Most of the passenger choose Detroit to Mumbai flight instead Detroit to Delhi flight.

  • Famous airlines which fly to India from Detroit?

    Fin Air, Etihad Airways considered to be the most popular flights.

  • Flight from Detroit to other part of India?

    Yes, like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru etc.

  • Total Air distance from Detroit to Delhi?

    7389 miles which will take around 17 to 18 hours.

  • Is parking facilities available in Detroit Airport?


  • Is there any facilities like baby feeding care and kids play area?

    Yes, both available inside airport.