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(How to Book Flights from Dallas DFW to MAA Chennai India)

DFW airport is also known as Dallas international airport and MAA is known as Chennai international airport. Until now there is no direct DFW to MAA flight. Although you may prefer the connecting flights available between DFW to MAA.

There are several other options available in DFW to MAA flight. Surprisingly there are more than 204 flights available and takes a fly to Chennai from Dallas airport.

The cheapest airfare available to Chennai from Dallas till now is $897. The price range may vary according to the airlines, seasons and rate of change in currency in the international market. According to the travellers, Tuesday is the most favourable day to travel in DFW to MAA flight. The Airport is big and but you will not find any difficulties in locating. It is advised to all the passenger to reach airport 2 hours before boarding for domestic flights and 3 hours before boarding for international flights. The travel distance from Dallas/Fort worth international flight to Chennai international airport is 9,256 miles. It is a long journey which will take around 20 hours and 35 minutes to reach.

There are several other connecting DFW to MAA flights available like:

  • American Lufthansa – It will take 20 hours 35 minutes to reach the destination via Frankfurt.
  • Lufthansa – It will take 20 hours 40 minutes via Frankfurt.
  • Emirates Airlines – It will take 21 hours 10 minutes to reach Chennai via Dubai.
  • Qatar Airways – It will take 21 hours and 15 minutes to reach Chennai via Doha.
  • American, British Airways – It will take 21 hours 45 minutes to reach Chennai via London.
  • American, Air India – it will take 24 hours to reach Chennai. It will take the route via New Delhi
  • American Airlines, Air India connecting flight will be preferable because it will touch down India before 18 hours, but because it is a connecting flight it takes 24 hours.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (US)

Dallas international airport is the main airport of the Texas, United States. The airport consists of names of two cities because it is close to both Dallas and Fort Worth cities. Dallas international airport is a huge airport acquires land in 17,207 acres. Dallas international airport is the hub of American Airlines and the Headquarter of American airlines is located near Dallas/Fort Worth international airport. This international airport provides its services to over 66 countries and 191 domestic destinations which makes this the fourth busiest international in the world. Every year millions of passengers travel through this airport.


The airport is a modern-day airport and each terminal is connected internally through the high-speed metro train. There are total five terminals in Dallas international airport i.e. Terminal A, B, C, D, E. The first three-terminal operates for domestic flights and Terminal D and E operates for both international and domestic flight. All the terminal is also interconnected through the bus line. As American Airlines is the Hub of Dallas international airport it operates from Terminal A. DFW to MAA flight is also available from this airport.

Lounges and Hotels


  • Centurion Lounge – This lounge is located at Terminal D opposite to Gate D17.
  • American airlines lounge – This lounge is located at various location and can be found easily in Terminal A, terminal B, Terminal C and Terminal D.
  • Delta Sky club – located at Terminal E, it is located near Gate no E10.
  • United Club – It is located near Gate E6 and E7 at Terminal E. It is one of the amazing club lounge of the airport.
  • USO Lounge – This lounge is located near B47 at Terminal B.
  • The Club – This lounge is located at gate no. 21 and gate no. 22 at Terminal D.


Many high rated hotels and five-star hotels are located near Dallas international airport. Few names of the hotels are:

  • Grand Hyatt – This Hotel is inside the Dallas international airport. It is located near Terminal D. One of the helpful thing is this hotel provides free pickup facilities
  • Hyatt Regency – The passengers have not to worry about staying because all the major hotels are connected internally to the hotels. Hyatt regency is also located inside the internationally airport. It is located near Terminal C. Free pickup facility is provided by this hotel.
  • Minute Suite – This hotel is located inside the airport at terminal A and terminal D. Hotels are located at both the location.
  • Hyatt place – This hotel is located near the terminal and open 24×7 for customers also provide free pick up services on request.

All the hotels are equipped with 24 hours free internet services. Other facilities like swimming pool, Gym, Yoga room, spa and saloon are also available.

Baby care facilities is also available. Children play area is also provided Luggage and Locker rooms are not available to this airport. Restaurants have clean and hygienic foods. Bar is also available. Travellers must try the famous meals and snacks.

Chennai International Airport (MAA), India

Chennai international airport is one of the major airports of India and also one of the busiest international airports because most of the connecting flight from the US connects this route. So, according to that point, it plays a vital role to provide the air route. Most of the south Indians settled in America so it is also a very famous route for south Indians. This airport is located at Chennai metropolitan city of Tamilnadu state, India. The airport is 21 kilometres away from the main city.


There is a total of two terminal in Chennai international airport. The domestic terminal named as Kamarsh and the international terminal named as Ana.

Both the terminal is equipped with high-speed internet facilities and restaurant.

Lounges and Hotels


Lounges are divided in the domestic and international terminal

The Travel Club – This lounge is near the domestic terminal. It is located opposite to gate no. 5 can be entered by membership card or pass.

The Travel club – It is located near the gate no 5 domestic departures.

The other lounges of the same brand “Travel Club” are located near gate no.16, 11 and 17. These lounges are for international arrivals.


Many 5 stars hotels are available near the airport like:

Radisson Blue, Hotel Trident, The Mount Manor, Quality Inn are the famous hotel which can be found nearby the airport with excellent facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the time taken by Dallas to Chennai flight to reach the destination?

    20 hours and 35 minutes approx.

  • What is the distance between Dallas to Chennai ?

    9,256 miles is the distance between DFW to Chennai airport.

  • What will be the favorable day to fly Dallas to Chennai ?

    Monday or Tuesday.

  • Can I fly nonstop to Chennai from Dallas?

    No, there is no direct flight available. But several other connecting flights are available at a cheaper rate.

  • What is the cheapest flight price available?

    $897* is the cheapest flight rate till now, but it may change accordingly.