How to Book Chicago to Mumbai Flights Within Budget

ORD to BOM flights (O’Hare international airport to ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj international airport)There is no direct ORD to BOM flights available till now. Air India is the major airline that travels for India for Mumbai airport. The only flight that connects India from the United States of America nonstop is Air India that too for New Delhi. There are several international flights that provide their services to India. If it comes for a trustworthy website that provides 34×7 assistance with great offers and provides cheap deals for flights BigTravelHelp will always ahead to provide tension free services. Anyone who wants to travel from O’Hare Chicago international airport to ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj international airport Mumbai that is according to the code of the airport ORD to BOM flights can book the tickets from BigTravelHelp. It is one of the trusted services of Indians. The total distance from Chicago international airport to Mumbai international airport is about 12940 kilometers. The total time duration that an average flight may take is about 17 hours 55 minutes or simply around 18 hours. ORD to BOM flights are connecting flights. The flights which reach Mumbai international airport via other countries like Dubai, France or any other country may take the time up to more than 20 hours. It is advised to travelers that they should and prefer the website checking the route before booking a ticket. Because flight ticket cost also depends upon that. ORD to BOM flight tickets depends upon which route the airline is taking. If you take the tickets to the route where airlines crossing the border of more countries will surely raise the cost of the tickets. A direct flight from Chicago to New Delhi international airport is available. Travelers must prefer the flight Chicago-Delhi-Mumbai route. This route will surely help with cost cutting over the flight tickets.  Apart from this the cheapest flight offered till now is $630 from Chicago to Mumbai flight, but it advised to check and confirm before booking the flight tickets. ORD to BOM flight helped to the people who are living in this part of the country.All the major airlines provide their services to Mumbai international airport. The flight list that provides their services are: Air Canada – This Canadian airlines also provide its service as it takes around 22 hours and 30 minutes and takes the route via Canada.

United Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines take the route via Munich.

American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic take travel time 18 hours 25 minutes and take the route via London.

Etihad Airlines take the route via Abu Dhabi.

The Fly Emirates Airlines takes around 18 hours and connects the flight via Dubai.

Air France – It takes 19 hours via Paris.

Swiss Airlines and Air India – takes around 21 hours 25 minutes via Zurich, Frankfurt.

Lufthansa Airlines takes 21 hours 20 minutes via Frankfurt.

Qatar Airways takes 20 hours 30 minutes via Doha.

ORD Airport

O’Hare International air terminal code ORD is situated in Chicago city, USA. Chicago is probably the costliest city on the planet. The O’Hare air terminal is a rich air terminal developed in Chicago, Illinois. The principal thing anybody can notice is the lovely building structure which gives the entire air terminal a rich look. The US government taking a shot at the development of the air terminal as it is likewise one of the significant center points for household aircraft. The administration previously began the undertaking and it is accepted to be get finished by 2021. The traveler may discover a few troubles with the best approach to O’Hare’s global air terminal as the development is going on. This air terminal is set apart as the busiest universal air terminal in 2018. It is recorded that more than 900,000 flights were take-off and arrived in 2018 which makes this the busiest worldwide air terminal.

The other international airport is 14 miles away from the northwest of the main Chicago city Illinois the sip code is 60018. Travelers can reach by taking a bus, cab or also by own car. Car parking is also available so we need not to worry.

One of the amazing things is that this airport also provides facilities to the private jet owner that they can utilize the space provided separately for private jet users. A separate aerodrome is constructed. The Chicago international airport is sometimes avoided by the locals they prefer the other airport because of the dirtiness in the airport. The airport is small as compared with the other international airport in the US. Because of the less maintenance, less preference and avoidance this airport is not up to the mark as compared with the other airports. Although the newly constructed area is expected to give better services to the passengers the whole expansion project is targeted to complete by 2021. So, passengers have to wait a couple of years more to get better services.

O’Hare international airport handles 2553 flights per day. This will increase after the expansion of the airport. 70% of the flights are commercial flights which include chartered flights. 29 % of the flights operated for air taxi like cargo flights. The rest one percent of flights include from private aviation sectors or for military movement. Car parking, taxi services, and valet option are also available at O’Hare international airport. Mostly this airport is used for domestic services. For ORD to BOM flight one can visit BigTravelHelp for great flight deals.


There is a total of five terminals in Chicago International airport (O’Hare). The Chicago international airport mainly operates domestic flights. This airport is convenient for domestic travelers. It is well connected with the other airport situated in other parts of the country. Four terminals are operated for domestic purposes and one terminal is operated for international purposes. Terminal no. 2 is also sometimes used for international flights. All terminal is equipped with high speed internet services, free WI-FI is also available at the airport. Yoga room, Baby care, and duty-free shops are also available. But all are limited there’s not much that can be expected.

Lounges, Terminals (Chicago Airport)

All five terminal is well connected with metro train services which is helpful for the passenger to reach directly to the terminal. No matter through which class of ticket the passenger is traveling lounges is open for all. Lounge services are available for membership cardholders or Pass holders. Although the lounge can be entered by paying the charges.


The United Club – The specialty of this club provides services to all other airports of the US. It is located at Concourses B, c and f.

Air France Lounge located at terminal no 5.

America Airlines Lounge located at concourses C, H, and K.


Many hotels are available outside the airport and few inside the airport. The Hotel is located opposite to terminal no 2. Hotels outside the airport which the passenger may choose are:

Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Place

Holiday Inn

Four Points

Spring Hill Suit

Double Tree Hotel

The Crown Plaza

O’Hare international airport definitely needs a renovation and a new look apart from that it has no restrooms and restaurants are also average not up to the mark. It is not as much as the other international airport. But for the Indians who all are living nearby the Chicago city, this airport helps to fly to their motherland. ORD to BOM flights are also available.

ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj International Airport (BOM)

Mumbai is one of the significant urban communities in India. After Delhi, it is the busiest worldwide air terminal in India. Before it was introduced as ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj Airport this air terminal is known as Sahar air terminal since it is situated close to Sahar town. ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj was the Maratha leader of 17 AD. He was known for his Hindu-Muslim fraternity approach. He was a warrior and he was pleased with the Maharashtrians. That is the motivation behind why this air terminal is named after this incredible ruler. The Airport is found 8 km away from the primary city, it is situated in Andheri. One of the Interesting actualities is that ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj International air terminal holds a record or taking care of in excess of 45 million travelers during the year 2016 to 2017. This air terminal comprises two terminals the two terminals have isolated with 5 km separation. As the terminal is recently developed both are inside associated and the terminal is serving for both household and universal flights. Travelers are encouraged to ask pretty much every one of the subtleties before continuing. It is encouraged to arrive at the air terminal at any rate of 1 hour 30 minutes before boarding. ORD to BOM flight route is one of the common routes to India.

Hotel and Lounges of BOM airport


Travelers may like the lounges of BOM airport because all are clean and well maintained. There are two terminal one is for domestic another one is for international flights. Mumbai is famous for the Bollywood film industry. Many famous celebrities from around the world can also be seen in the airport. The film industries produce the largest number of films in the world. Don’t know you might also get a chance to meet any Hollywood superstar also. Because Bollywood also makes films in collaboration with Bollywood.

Travel Club Lounge located at terminal 1 opposite gate no 44. This lounge can be accessible for domestic flight passengers. It is located at terminal 1 of domestic departures.

For the international passenger’s lounge facilities are available at terminal 2

Loyalty lounge located at terminal 2B, opposite to the gate no 4. They provide services to everyone 24 hours.

Travel club – Lounge from the same franchise is also available at terminal 2, opposite to gate no 44. They also provide 24 hours service.

Aviserv Lounge is located at terminal 2, landside of 2nd level gate A. You can also have earplug from here to avoid any kind of nice. The service is good.

All the lounges of terminal 1 and terminal 2 whether for the domestic and international passengers can only be allowed who are either have taken membership card or having pass. Although a passenger can get access to any lounge by paying the charges of the lounge. It is always better to make a membership card for international travelers because at least they can settle down and planned their visit if they are new to the city.


Chicago is a beautiful city located at Lake Michigan. A must visit the place as it will make you remind the old Hollywood films. The great old Jazz music with wine, on one hand, relaxing on the rooftop of the hotel. The whole city is like a Hollywood film set. The beautiful tall giant skyscrapers with the famous hot dogs will definitely make your night one of the wonderful. Chicago is the 14th most expensive city in the world. It is also known for beautifully crafted architectural buildings and museums. You will enjoy this city by taking a city tour mostly by taking a pedestrian walk.  For the first time visitor, they must visit Chicago from June to October, the best preferable month.

Must visit Place:

Chicago Mob Tour

A must visit tour for all those who are visiting Chicago. Chicago was once known as a gangster city. Al Capone the famous gangster operated his gang in Chicago. The city guide tour will take you to the famous crime scene the headquarters were of the gangsters and mobsters. Overall it is a fun city tour ride.

Helicopter Flight experience

To view the whole city from hawkeye will surely be the most unique way to experience the beautiful city. The tall towers with beautiful scenic views of the city will surely mesmerize. You have to spend $142 but it will be a lifetime experience.

The Field Museum

In order to know the history of any city, it is important to visit the museum. This museum consists of 25 million artifacts. One of the artifacts is 4.6 billion years ago.  Dinosaurs will definitely be going to blow your mind. Other viewable items like Egyptian mummies, gems will surely enough to impress any visitors.

Chicago Theatre

The Famous Chicago theatre was constructed in 1921 this historic theatre saw many iconic stage performances and icons. French architecture and design can be seen.

Chicago is a historic and iconic place of the United States. The people who are an enthusiast in art, theatre or in buildings should visit this iconic city. This city can’t be express through words or through any article.

Mumbai (Bombay-Old Name)

Mumbai city is situated on the coast of Maharashtra state. Mumbai city was formerly known as Bombay. It was named after the goddess Mumba. Mumbai city is the second most populated city in India. Mumbai is also is known as the film city of India it is also the financial capital of India. One of the major cities of India bears a population of 840 million people. The film industry produces films more than Hollywood. The Hindi film industry is known as Bollywood. The initial letter is taken from Bombay which was the former name of Mumbai and rests ollywood from H-ollywood. Superstars like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan are in the list of highest paid actors in the world. The similarity between Chicago and Mumbai is the tall towers and historic places.

Tourist Spot

Marine Drive

The acclaimed Marine drive was worked during the British period. It is a 3km long bend moulded sea shore territory. It is the best spot to invest some quality energy with loved ones. The delightful dusk and dawn view looks charming. Water sports and scuba jumping offices are additionally accessible however the day and timing involve concern.

The TajMahal Palace

The world acclaimed and famous Taj Palace was worked in 1903. It is a lavish lodging with sumptuous rooms and so forth. An absolute necessity visit spot to appreciate the delightful design.

The Gateway of India

This gigantic bit of workmanship was worked by the British engineering George Wittet. It was built to pay tribute to and to respect the visit of King George V and Queen Marry.

Siddhivinayaka Temple

The world celebrated sanctuary was worked in 1801. This sanctuary is the sanctuary of a Hindu God Ganesh. There is a conviction that the individuals who come and love here with a full dedication their desire will work out. It is a conviction that it was self-showed.

The Film City

The world-acclaimed film city is known for shooting more than 900 movies and TVs for every year. Its region is spread more than 520 sections of land of land. The film city is the home of Bollywood. Numerous popular movies are coordinated here. It is an absolute necessity visit place, the section expenses may differ from $9 to $24.

The Antilla House

In the event that you think you have seen enough in America, at that point you are incorrect. The Famous Antill House is the world’s most expensive Private home on the planet. This monstrous structure comprises of 27 stories. The proprietor of the house is the Indian extremely rich person Mukesh Ambani. This house is likewise incorporated into the city visit. This costly house worth 200 billion dollars.