How to Book Chicago to Coimbatore flights Within Budget

How to Book Chicago to Coimbatore flights Within Budget

ORD to CJB Flight / (O’Hare International Airport, ORD to Coimbatore International Airport, CJB)

There is no direct ORD to CJB flight available. But there are several options available in Chicago to Coimbatore flight. CJB is the code of Coimbatore international airport in India. It is situated in the southern part of India. The distance required to travel in ORD to CJB flight is 8,646 miles. The time required to travel in ORD to CJB flight is 22 hours 25 minutes.

The cheapest airfare available in Chicago to Coimbatore flight is around $993. The price may differ because of the rate of change in currency in the international market. The average price between ORD to CJB flight is $1073.The most favorable month by most of the travelers is February. Many airlines provide offers and great deals in ORD to CJB flight. The price range may differ. It is advisable to reach the O’Hare international airport prior to 2 hours for domestic departures passengers and 3 hours prior for international departures. Security checks may be a time to consume. Air India is the preferred flight from ORD to CJB. The best price offered by Air India is $793. Price range may fluctuate according to the airlines.

Several options are available in ORD to CJB flights. Few of the example are:

  • Air India – It will take around 24 hours 30 minutes to reach the destination via New Delhi. It is also the most preferred flight by Indians.
  • Air India, Air India Express – it will take 46 hours via New Delhi international airport.
  • KLM, Air India – it will take 44 hours 20 minutes via Amsterdam and New Delhi.
  • Etihad, Sri Lankan Airlines – It will take around 33 hours 20 minutes Amsterdam, Mumbai, and Mangalore.
  • Turkish Airline, Air India – It will take around 39 hours 45 minutes via Istanbul and New Delhi.

The above mentioned airlines are a few of the examples of available flights. Flight duration and connecting flight may differ because of air route, time travel or because of unavailability of flights. So, it is advised to check flight details and air route before booking ORD to CJB flight.

O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois, America

O’Hare international airport or Chicago international airport is located in Chicago, Illinois of the United States. Chicago international airport is one of the major international airports of the USA. Chicago international airport is also important to the US for a military point of view. This international airport serves during World War II and during the Cold War. Many military movements can also be seen presently. Chicago’s international airport is spread over 7,627 acres of land. O’Hare international airport is also recorded to manage over 83 million passengers during the period of 2018. Holding records of handling huge passengers in a year also makes this airport 6th busiest international airport in the world. Chicago international airport is also the hub for United Airlines and American Airlines. The headquarters of both the major Airlines are located near the Chicago international airport.


Chicago international airport has five terminals that are Terminal 1, 2, 3 and terminal 5. Terminal 5 is mainly used for international purposes. Terminals are also subdivided into 9 concourses. All the concourses are well connected with high speed Wi-Fi facility. The airport is huge which is sometimes may look overcrowded and noisy.

Other facilities like kids section, children play area are available. 24 hour mobile charging is also available. Restaurants are hygienic and eatable. Wash rooms are mostly clean.

Lounges and Hotels


Lounges are available to both domestic and international passengers. It can be access to the economic and business class passengers.

  • Swiss port lounge – This lounge is located at terminal 5. It is located near M7 and M8. The Lounge is accessible by membership card and by lounge pass.
  • The United club – This lounge is common to most of the international airport. The lounge is located to many concourses that is concourse B, C, and F.
  • Air France VIP lounge – This lounge is located at terminal no 5 near the gate M7 and M8. This lounge can be access through membership card and by Lounge Pass.
  • American Airlines lounge – It is located at G, H, and concourse K. Membership entry, lounge pass is available. The lounge can also be accessible by paying some nominal rate at the door.


  • Aloft Hotel – It is located near the airport. The hotel is within 5 minutes from the airport. 24 hour pickup facility is available on request.
  • Double Tree – it is located near the airport. The hotel is located within 5-minute form the international airport.
  • Embassy Suites – It is located 5 minutes from the airport. 24 hour transport facilities are available.
  • Sheraton Inn – This hotel is located near the airport within 3 minutes from the international airport.

Health care facilities, Baby care centers, and 24×7 restaurants are available. Children play area is also available. The information desk is available. Luggage storage and locker facilities are available.

CJB (Coimbatore International Airport, Tamil Nadu, India)

Coimbatore international airport is the major airport serving for Tamil Nadu states of India. This international airport is 6.2 miles from the main city. This airport is 15 busiest airport. The Coimbatore international airport is 6.8 miles from the major railway station. This airport servers for both domestic and international departures and arrivals.


There are no lounges available currently.


Several hotel options are available nearby:

  • Skylite hotel – It is located near the airport. It is 5 minutes from the airport. A free pick up facility is not available.
  • KR residency – This hotel is located near the airport and it is within 6 minutes of walking distance.
  • The Arcadia – This hotel is located at 7 minutes of walking distance. There are no free pick up facilities.
  • Hotel Royal chambers – Hotel is located near 6 minutes of walking distance from the airport. A free shuttle is available.

Other facilities like Baby care, baggage cart is available. A currency exchange facility is also available.

Frequently asked Question

  • What is the total distance from Chicago (ORD) to (CJB) Coimbatore?

    8,646 miles.

  • What is the cheapest airfare from Chicago (ORD) to (CJB) Coimbatore?

    $793, Price may differ because of seasonal offers or weather.

  • What is the travel time required between Chicago (ORD) to (CJB) Coimbatore?

    22 hours 25 minutes is the minimum time required to travel.

  • Are any nonstop flights available for Chicago (ORD) to (CJB) Coimbatore?

    No, till now there is no flight available from ORD to CJB.

  • Preferred day to fly from Chicago (ORD) to (CJB) Coimbatore?

    February is the most preferred day by the travelers.