Bhutan Travel Agency in US

Bhutan is the beautiful kingdom locked in the mountains of Himalayas. This mysterious country is always a surprise package for most of the foreigners. As not many Bhutan live in the US. But it is very important to have trustworthy travel agencies that may take care of their clients even in difficult times. BigTravelHelp is the best Bhutan travel agency in the US. IT takes care of their clients 24×7 with customer support anyone can visit their sites to book the tickets from where they want.

Most of the Bhutan visit America as a pilgrim. From the report from 2010, about 20,000 Bhutan people are living in the US. They settled here after coming from Nepal as a refugee. As the refugee population has surpassed over 70,000 which is still growing. These are mostly from Nepalese ethnic. Most of them are living an average refugee life that may be because of having a lack of education.

It is a Seattle based travel agency that also has it’s firm in India. Many visitors placed tickets for the tour. It is also known for its best deals and offers in flight tickets. When it comes to fly back to their root land sometime it becomes difficult to approach the right travel agency who can sort out the problems and needs. They can try to reach the best Bhutan travel agency in the US i.e. BigTravelHelp. It is one of the best Bhutan Travel Agency in the US. People often book their tickets and get relatively cheap flight tickets from this Bhutan travel agency named BigTravelHelp.

Flights from the US to Bhutan

Bhutan is the amazing place to visit as visitors can’t ignore this beautiful place. There are direct flight to Bhutan from USA. If any curious one is trying to reach there they may reach there via other route. To reach Bhutan the best and easiest way is via India. It is one of the safest country in the world. Bhutan topped in the happy index. Bhutan allowed only five countries to enter their territory. Name of the five countries are:

  1. India (New Delhi, Kolkata, Gaya, Guwahati, and Baghdogra).
  2. Suvarnbhumi Airport, Bangkok (Thailand)
  3. Tribhuvan Airport (Kathmandu Airport) Nepal.
  4. Singapore
  5. DAC Airport, Dhaka (Bangladesh)

The major airport in Bhutan is Paro international airport. There are a total 4 Air terminal. Two of which are operated for an international flight. The other two airports Bathpalathang and Gelephu air terminal is utilized for local flights were a few flights remove each week. It can also be reached by road but one has to one of the five countries which are having the authority to access. But India is the most favorable and ideal country to route for Bhutan. Rental cab and bus services are available. It may be a bumpy ride but a fun way to see the real beauty of the scenic place. By booking air tickets from the best Bhutan travel agency like BigTravelHelp can make the tour easier. Flights from the US is available from many major cities of US like Seattle, Los Angeles or New York but all will be with one or two stops. So it is better to take a ride from India as Bhutan travel agencies may help and guide. John F Kennedy International Airport is the most favorable airport for all the flights that land on Asian land. So, it is advised to take a flight from John F Kennedy international airport as you may also grab a chance to get cheap tickets. But more or less you will definitely get a ticket because many flights take off for Bhutan.

Visa permit for US citizens

It is mandatory for all US citizens to have a visa so that they can travel after clearing the visa procedures they can book their tickets. The United States of America don’t have an embassy in Bhutan as they follow the informal relationship by the embassy situated in New Delhi, India. Only the local famous licensed tour operator can help you to get the visa. Only a local authorized tour operator is allowed to submit the visa application directly to the proper authorities of Bhutan. Their office is situated in Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan. For more information, one can visit their official website of the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

It is advised to apply for a visa prior to 30 days as it takes 10 working days from visa clearance. After applying for a visa an email of Letter of Invitation will be grant by the Bhutan official. This mail also is forwarded to the Bhutan Air carriers. So, it is very important to keep the document safe as it will be the only way to get you to enter Bhutan. Bhutan follows very strict policies. Paro international airport is the major airport in Bhutan. After arriving at Bhutan airport it will take around 60 minutes of security and documentation check and clearance. So, to avoid the hassle it is advised to enquire all the details before approaching Bhutan. There are many Bhutan travel agencies in the US that may help to get you the tickets. To all US citizens, it is advised to make sure about their validity of the passport and visa. Some of the clients experienced a bit difficult to renew the visa because the expired visa will only get an extent by reaching the capital city of Bhutan that is Thimpu. So it is advised to have at least 6 months of must have passport validation in-order to avoid any bad circumstances.

Bhutan – US Relationship

Bhutan is so far never engage with any war it is a peaceful nation. It is also known as one of the safest and beautiful countries in the world. This country has no standing army. They believe in peace and prosperity comes with the nature of purity. Bhutan people are very peace-loving people.

Bhutan does not have any diplomatic with any of the permanent members of the UN. In 1971 Bhutan became a member of the UN. Bhutan and America hold a warm and informal relation through the US embassy situated in New Delhi, India. The US officials also provide facilities and welcome several Bhutan participants to the US through its international visitors. Other than that Bhutan and the US maintain a good and healthy relationship. Due to political instability around the world, Bhutan always separates from involving any of the activities that disturb their peace-loving society The majority of the people are Buddhist. Only local authorized may help and should take their assistance.

Airport Guide to Bhutan

After a busy security check, you may spend some time on the Airport or jump to the next part. The main Airport in Bhutan is the Paro International airport. All major flights like Air India, Fly emirate, Singapore Airline land and take-off from this airport. Bhutan is a small kingdom that is locked between the Himalayas with beautiful scenic beauties and landscapes. Due to its small landing area flights take-off during sunrise and before sunset. Although this airport does not include five stars lounges and hotels but has a free WiFi facility with newspapers and small restaurants for snacks and meals. The locker room is also available. Druk Air thunder business lounge is newly constructed in 2018. It is advised to stick to the plan and if they are looking for a lavish lounge than sorry for that, but you may enjoy the scenic beauty and the mesmerizing landscape of the Himalayas will definitely be going to blow the mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Flights from the US to Bhutan?

Answer : Flights are available from all major cities of the US. But the most famous is JFK International Airport as more option is available in this airport.

Question : Is there any direct flight to Bhutan?

Answer : No, you have to reach Bhutan via one of the five countries India.

Question : Can US citizens travel to Bhutan without a visa?

Answer : All US citizens must have a visa before arriving in Bhutan. The only possible way to get the visa is from a licensed tour operator in Bhutan. Tickets can be purchased from the Bhutan travel agency in the US.

Question : Cost to fly to Bhutan?

Answer : During peak season in Bhutan, it will cost around $250 dollars per day.

Question : Is Bhutan safe for Americans?

Answer : Yes, it is safe. It is one of the major tourist destinations in the world.

Question : Best time to visit Bhutan?

Answer : The autumn season falls in October and November which is the best time to visit. But it may depend.

Question : Dresses like shorts, short skirts allowed?

Answer : No, travelers are expected to wear their traditional dresses but not mandatory.

Question : Is Indian currency valid in Bhutan?

Answer : Yes, accept the new 2000 rupee note.

Question : What is the national dress of Bhutan?

Answer : Kira is the national dress for women in Bhutan.

Question : Cigarette legal for foreigners?

Answer : It is legal to bring cigarettes in a limited quantity.

Question : The easiest way to route to Bhutan?

Answer :  The easiest way to reach Bhutan is via India. Daily flights are available or you can contact Bhutan travel agency in the US.