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Bangladeshi Travel Agency in USA | Direct Flights to Bangladesh

It is very helpful if we want to travel our motherland and someone realizes us like a family or which will help to reach our motherland with full warmth and cherish. Websites like BigTravelHelp are always here to help you which is also considered as the best Bangladeshi travel agency in USA by the students and immigrants. The Internet has made the lifestyle so easy that with the one-click we can know the news of that country which is the other corner of the world. There are lots of travel agencies that are actively working in the US. But BigTravelHelp will not only help to guide the individual but also take care of their clients that they should travel safe and sound. Nowadays it is very important to have a trustworthy travel agency who can take care of the flight tickets of their clients without wasting any time. It is very important to get tickets on time without any hassle or lie whether the ticket may be costly or cheap. BigTravelHelp provides the best flight services and helps to find you the best deals on flight booking. It is one of the best flight travel agencies in the US or it may be called as best Bangladesh travel agency in the USA. Most of the Bangladeshi immigrants are searching for Bangladeshi travel agencies in the USA, but they can definitely go for a travel agency like BigTravelHelp which is a trustworthy Bangladeshi travel agency for most Asians living in the USA.  It is a Seattle, US-based travel agency which provides the best customer relation service which is and cheap flight deals. It is also having its agencies in India. It is also one of the best travel agencies among Indians. Many US traveler prefers this travel agency to travel to any part of Asia. It holds a big customer database. Students, professionals who are on a visa can also take the services from the BigTravelHelp travel agency. Service is available 24×7 and will ensure your best travel experience that’s why it is the best Bangladeshi travel agency in the USA.

Flights from USA to Bangladesh

Most of the flights are available to the capital city of Bangladesh i.e. Dhaka.

Flights to Bangladesh are available from different parts of the United States. No matter where you are the best Bangladeshi travel agency in the USA like BigTravelHelp will help you to provide the confirmed ticket. US-Bangla airlines are a famous airline for people traveling to Bangladesh. Flight from the USA to Bangladesh choose from different cities of the US because it will somehow save your money if you choose the right flight from the source station. Flights are available from New York, Seattle, Chicago, Washington, and Atlanta, etc. The air distance from the US to Bangladesh is 8,231 miles which is 13,247 km. So, when it became difficult to enquire about flights and deals the best Bangladeshi travel agency like BigTravelHelp always open from here dear clients with 24×7 assitance.

US Bangladesh relationship

The US and Bangladesh’s relationship is the historical relation. Bangladesh is one of the allies of the US from south-Asia. Bangladesh has its embassy in the US in Washington. The US has its embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. US embassy establishes Archer K Blood American Library in Dhaka. They both hold a good diplomatic relation. As per the survey, about 74% of the Bangladeshi voted America as their dream destination. Both country also has education and trade relations. US is the largest source of FDI in Bangladesh. During the liberation war of the Bangladeshi, Archer K Blood informed the US about the genocide of Bangladeshi’s by the Pakistani army. That time the US after India played a major role in publicizing the liberation of Bangladesh. Bangladesh produces a fine quality of cotton which is very famous in the world. So, it also very important to the US as from the business point of view. Many travel agencies also set up their business helping travelers to travel for Bangladesh like BigTravelHelp provides the best facilities and it is one of the best Bangladeshi travel agencies in the US where one can find the cheapest to the business class tickets with full assurance.

About Bangladesh

Dhaka is also known as the ‘rickshaw capital of the world’. Dhaka is not only the energizing city but also a quick-paced city amidst a development spurt. Bangladesh’s thumping heart is presently home to more than 15 million occupants and has gotten one of Asia’s actual megacities.

As if we see the political and business focal point of Bangladesh, the city rises with vitality. A customary exchange course for a huge number of years (at one point the city was the world place for the Muslim business), it’s been home to numerous nationalities from the Armenians to Portuguese. This worldwide extension has given it an exciting pace and a half breed look. From skyline hoarding pink stone royal residences (Ahsan Manzil) to the biggest shopping center in the South Asian subcontinent and clamoring roadside master bazaars, Dhaka is in a consistent condition of the recurring pattern.  Everything chugs the apathetic Budiganga River, conveying everything from single kayaks to three-story cruisers.

Bangladeshi’s in the USA

Currently, more than 7500 students from Bangladesh is studying in the USA. The number is increasing per year. Most of the students prefer the USA to make their careers and live the American dream. As the US also opens the door for the students, professionals. According to the 2018 report more than 3800 students enrolled for higher education. In Bangladesh, the Dhaka government also organizes education fare for those who want to study abroad in which the USA topped in the priority list.

Since 1970, many Bangladeshi migrated legally by Visa and Lottery Program. Most of them settled in Jamaica, Queens of New York City. It is like a country home for the Bangladeshi community who are living in the United States, Bangladeshis who all are born and bought up here is increasingly growing and have received the highest number of permanent residents. The Queens of New York City is the hub of Bangladeshi’s. Bangladeshis host many community events and get-together. Many Bangladeshis established themselves and successfully running stores like grocery stores, travel agencies and clothing stores.  According to the report, Bangladeshi settlers increased up to 74000 by 2011. Bangladeshi Origin owner of the pharmaceutical companies situated in Nassau and Suffolk County which is in Long Island provided employment to many Bangladeshis.

Flights from USA to Bangladesh

The air distance from NYC to Dhaka is about 7,847 miles. Most of the Bangladeshi travel grab their flights from Los Angeles as it is one of the most popular international airports because it connects one-stop flight from New York NYC to Dhaka

The Dhaka international airport name HazratShahjalal International Airport is about 9 miles away from the main Dhaka city. There are 36 airlines operate out of HazratShahjalal International Airport. This airport offers 33 non-stop flights to the other cities. The average flight takes off from this airport is 434 flights for domestic and 412 for International. For more flights and updates any one can log in to the websites of the best travel agency in USA i.e. BigtravelHelp

Hotels and Lounges in Dhaka

As usual, lounges preferred to be best for travelers who are waiting for their flights or for long layovers or for taking rest. If it comes to lounges of Dhaka international airport it is not what a traveler would like. It definitely needs an update. Although few of the best Bangladeshi travel agencies in the USA also offers free access to the lounge. Few of the lounges are:

  • The Intercontinental Dhaka Balaka Lounge – This lounge/hotel can be found in terminal 1. It is the first five-star hotel in Bangladesh. This hotel is the only hotel which offers a complete kitchen with bars.
  • How to reach – the lounge can be reached after security and the passport control office which is inside the international terminal. It is on the second floor just follow the signboard or can ask for help.
  • The City Bank American Express Lounge – located at the domestic terminal. Only the City Bank card member can access this lounge.
  • Sky Lounge– It is located at Terminal 1. Anyone can access this lounge even the economy class traveler. Although a nominal fee at the door or a membership card is required.
  • MTB Lounge – It is also located at Terminal 1 of the DAC airport. You can get free snacks and a shower with a newspaper.
  • Eastern Bank Sky Lounge– This lounge is also located at terminal 1 a big mushroom head in the center of the lounge will welcome you with free snacks and newspaper.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is the cheapest return flight from Dhaka?

    Many websites provide offers. The best price noted is $686 that is from JFK international airport to Dhaka airport. Prices may fluctuate.

  2. How many airports are in Dhaka?

    There is only one airport in Dhaka.

  3. Time duration to travel from JFK to Dhaka airport?

    Approximately 18 hours 30 minutes.

  4. How many flights fly directly from JFK to Dhaka Airport?

    Till now there is no direct flight.

  5. How popular is the flight route?

    About 983 views on the past month seeking this route. Popularity may be increase or decrease.

  6. How many airlines provide services for Dhaka from the USA?

    More than 20 Airlines provide services to Bangladesh. Like US-Bangla Airlines, Biman Airlines, Regent, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, etc.

  7. Can the date to flight be changed?

    Yes, anyone can change. But if anyone is traveling in November, Wednesday will be the ideal day. Once the ticket is booked you have to check the refunds and cancellation policy of the flight company.

  8. How many planes do Bangla airlines have in the USA?

    Presently US-Bangla Airlines operates four Boeing Flights 737-800.

  9. Is Passport required for Bangladeshi-American while traveling from the USA to Bangladesh?