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Are you an Indian resident who wants to go back to your homeplace? Or you are on Holiday in the USA. If “yes”, you must be searching for low-cost Flights to India from USA, Right? Then you are at the right platform, we are a team of specialists, with the help of our airline consolidators crafts the lowest fare tickets for our customers. We are there to serve our customers with the best price tickets that too in your selected fight and according to your travel dates. With us, you will enjoy your adventurous trip with all the flight amenities that you desire. We believe in saving your dollars on every ticket! Coordinating with our travel agency will be a win-win situation for you! As you will get the tempting festive and other travel deals and can save your pocket! Doesn't it sound great? Now, travel with us without any hassle! Now, your traveling wish is our command! We are round the clock there to book your Flights to India from USA. Our team of gems is trained to help you with all the details and specifications about the airfare, arrival and departure timings of flight, flight rules, and other details. So when you are meeting us? You can meet us virtually or can call us

Which is your favorite airline in the below bucket list?

1) Eithad

Are you ready to fly to India? Eithad will love to be your travel buddy! This airline is a great pickup as it offers amazing movies and games for your little ones. Apart from that, you can get your seat as per your choice in Economy space, Economy Neighbor-free, etc.

What you will get with Eithad is - ample legroom, in-flight entertainment, complimentary drinks, and dishes, back support, and a headrest. You will get great travel deals for this flight!This UAE Carrier directly operates plenty of flights from the USA to India!

2) United Airlines

Want to travel to India with the cheapest air ticket? You can travel with United Airlines, one of the popular airline networks in the USA! Known for being a customer-oriented airline! If you are worried about your luggage, then travel with United Airlines, it offers to travel with one extra luggage of up to 23 Kg.

Do you have a problem with long-haul? Fly to your destination with United Airlines! As short-duration air flights are available with United Airlines! Even, you have the power to make changes in your itinerary within a day.

3) Qatar Airways

The Kuwait popular airline, Qatar Airways is one of the popular flights from Boston to Delhi and via New York to Amritsar. There are many direct flights available from US places to India’s Flights from USA to India tates. Tourists! There are more than 4000 options available in the area of entertainment. You can select from a wide range of games, movies, songs, and more.

You will get comfortable and spacious flight sites. And, in case you are traveling with your kids and then a delicious lunchbox is a treat from Qatar Airways. And, a surprise gift for you! Wi-Fi! What else do you want?

4) Emirates

Here is the ultimate travel buddy for you! Emirates gives the most amazing travel experience. With a great worldwide presence, Emirates drops you to your destination. Where do you want to go in India? Mumbai, Hyderabad, or Delhi, or, any other place, Emirates will take you there.

The luxuries that you will get with Emirates are Wi-Fi, shower spa, Onboard lounge, inflight entertainment, in-seat power, and even if you miss your loved ones, want to call them? You can talk to them on the air. You will love to watch 3D screens on some Emirates flights. And, most importantly, you will get a free baggage allowance for a max of two bags.

5) Air India

When it comes to traveling to India via the USA, people love to travel via Air India. The flight travels non-stop and drops you at your favorite destination. You will love to have a fabulous inflight experience with great music, news, movies, and games.

No matter what in which airline you are traveling to,  travelers will get complimentary meals and drinks. This makes Air India the most preferred travel buddy. Illumination and temperature control are the best that you get in Air India. Now, you have a golden chance to enjoy a 180-degree reclining seat experience. So are you ready to take Flights to India from USA?

6) Singapore Airlines

Dubbed to be one of the best airlines, Singapore Airlines is ready with a special surprise for its travelers. Yes, if you love India, want to travel to Indian cities, you must take Singapore Airlines. You are welcome on board with Singapore Airlines. Travelers, you are allowed to carry 30-kg luggage, with higher amenities like on-time services, seat pitch, and comfortable seating.

So travelers, from the above list, which is your favorite airline? Keep exploring low-cost Flights to India From USA with us.

Want to get cheap Flight Tickets? Here are some coolest tips:

We know as a traveler, you might be stuck with some issues, but Big Travel Help is there to be your travel partner! We book flights as per our customer’s budget and convenience. We can understand the importance of traveling for you, that’s why we are there to do last-minute ticket booking for you.

Apart from helping you in providing low-fare tickets, we have some travel tips for you:

Travelers, book your flight ticket prior 30-90 days.

You must compare the flight prices of different airlines.

You must be comfortable with your travel dates

Use great discounts and crazy offers available on debit/credit cards.

Try to fly during odd hours.

Most of the flights have senior-citizen or student discounts, use them.

Still, if you need our support, we are there for your assistance. Our team is with you! We want to make your travel the most memorable part of your life. Reach to us for more travel details and updates.

Enjoy Cheap Flights to India From USA By Talking To us

When you miss your loved ones, you probably talk to them twice or thrice a day! Right? But what if you want to meet them! Call us once, we will book your tickets to India and that too with a bumper discount or special deals. With an amazing discount, you can frequently travel to your home place and can give your special ones a token of affection. We know you are missing homemade food and have a craving to have it, do not worry fly with us and have your meal at your home, spend days with your family and friends. So get in touch with today and book your tickets.

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Flights from USA to India

●New York to India

●Boston to India

●Atlanta to India

●Washington to India

●Los Angeles to India

●Tampa to India

●Seattle to India

●San Francisco to India

●Denver to India

●Dallas to India

●Chicago to India

●Houston to India

Non - Stop Flights From USA to India

Do you wish to take Non-Stop flights? With short flights between the USA and India, you can easily reach your place on time. At present, travelers will get non-stop flights on the following routes:

●Chicago ( ORD) Airport to Delhi ( DEL) Airport by Air India.

●New York ( JFK) to Delhi ( DEL) Airport by Air India

●Washington ( IAD) to Delhi ( DEL) by Air India

●San Francisco ( SFO) to Delhi ( DEL) by Air India

●Chicago (ORD) to Hyderabad by Air India ( new)

●Newark ( EWR) to Mumbai ( BOM) by Air India

●SFO to Bengaluru ( BLR) by Air India ( new)

●San Francisco ( SFO) to Delhi ( DEL) by United Airlines

●Chicago to Delhi by United Airlines 

●San Francisco to Bengaluru by United Airlines

Do not worry the tickets will not burn holes in your pocket! You will get a pocket-friendly deal with us! So book your tickets soon to grab great travel deals. Get ready with your travel bags and fly with us!

Want to get a last minute flight? Connect us!

We know last-minute traveling plans are the most beautiful part of life and we understand that. So, in that case, you might feel where you can get great flight deals, so take a right turn and connect to the experts of big travel help. Our experts are there to assist you! Where do you want to be in India? want to go to India’s heart, Delhi? Want to go to Banglore, Goa or Kerala? Or any other place. Our last-minute crazy travel deals are for our travelers.

Last minutes flights are:

●Flights from San Francisco to New Delhi

●Flights from Newark to Ahmedabad

●Flights from Chicago to Hyderabad

●Flights from SanFrancisco to Hyderabad

●Flights from San Francisco to Mumbai

●Flights from Washington to Hyderabad

●Flights from Dallas to Hyderabad

●Flights from New York to Hyderabad

●Flights from Newark to Hyderabad

No matter what your travel date! Our motto is to get your last-minute flight ticket done that too in the best flights! With us, you will get all the flight amenities and cheap flight tickets. So when do you want to land in the beautiful country, India?

How do we find the cheapest flight to India for our worthy travelers?

Best Airline Consolidators

We have teamed up with strong airlines and consolidators, they lend us the best help in providing bumper discounts and great offers. 

Expert Team

We have a team of experts, who have trained in doing travel booking. Our experts possess the art of finding the cheapest flight tickets from the USA to India and help you to save your bucks.

Festive Deals

We provide exclusive festive deals on airfares. We know travelers love to visit their destination during festivals, that’s why we offer the best festive discounts on most flight tickets.

So, travelers, what do you want to see in India? The sun-kissed mountains, sun-splashed beaches, the charming aura of traditional places. Or want to taste finger-licking Indian cuisines? Want to watch out for the unconditional beauty of the Taj Mahal? Or Picturesque beauty of other things. Whatever is your wish, at our platform, we transform your wish into reality. Our experts are there to book your tickets too in your loved airline! So what are you waiting for? Grab the chance and book your air tickets with heavy discounts.

Why must you choose Big Travel Help?

We know traveling is love, sometimes it is an emotion and sometimes it is your passion. And we respect your feelings! That;’s why we believe that we can connect with you and can help you with the best flight deals. You must be thinking, why does big travel help? So, here are some of the reasons:


We are round the clock available to book your flights, to take your queries. You can book your tickets at any time without any problem, you need not have watch time to book your tickets. We are there to book your flight tickets 24x7. With us, you will get the best flight fares and best deals.

Tempting travel deals

Travel deals are what we are perfect at! We craft the best travel deals at our customer's convenience. Our travel deals are better than our competitors and yes we offer you the coolest travel discount. Check out our website for more details.

Team of experts

We are known for our gem of people. Our team is a perfectionist when it comes to booking flight tickets to India via the USA. Tell us your travel date, and you will get your flight ticket and all the arrangements that you want in your traveling journey.

So, travelers, now one name that will be there in your travel dictionary is Big Travel Help. Isn’t it? We are there in the airline booking industry because traveling is someone’s dream and we accomplish your dreams. So when you are meeting us? Let’s have a virtual date or can call us. We love to assist you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I book tickets for different classes for different legs?

A: Yes. You have the authority to choose your required cabin in Business/First or Economy class. You can get assistance from our experts, by calling or via email our experts will help you to book your tickets.

Q: Can I book my flight ticket and pay afterward?

A: No, you have to make the full payment during your flight ticket booking. We don’t offer this service right now.

Q: What is the infant policy while traveling from a USA flight to India?

A: There are air policies for infants, if your kid is below 2 years old, then you don’t have to buy his/her ticket for the journey. And, above 12 years of age, anyone can carry one infant with them without paying any air ticket for the infant. But in case, you are on a round-trip, and during departure, your little is below two then you don’t have to buy the ticket. But in case, during the arrival, your little one is above 2, you have to buy a full ticket for your infant. Still, the policies are different for different airlines. For more details about the policies, have words with our experts and ask your queries.

Q: How can I reach different places in India from the airport?

A: Travelers at Delhi International Airport, or Mumbai Airport, or any other Indian international airport can reach different places via Taxi, domestic airways, train, etc. There are many cheapest transportation ways available in India.

Q: How can I get Indian INR?

A: You can visit money exchanging kiosks at the airport you are landing in. You will easily get the Indian rupee in exchange for your dollars.